Bachelorette of the Month (Feb. 2015)

This month’s bachelorette is Michaela Cavalcanti! Some of you may know her as Pearl, Goose, or Milke! Michaela is such a sweetheart and was voted best all around by her classmates her freshman year.

As some of you may know, Pearl just got out of a bumpy relationship. Therefore, she is trying to move on and find herself the real “love of her life”. When asked to describe what she looks for in a man she stated, “I like someone who enjoys being with my family along with their own. Someone who’s really outgoing and loves being with friends and respects her more than themselves and everyone around them.”

She said her dream date would be a walk on the beach or tickets to a baseball or football game. She also is looking for a guy that is obsessed with dogs and loves her adorable little sister and brother. Her perfect match must be athletic and knows what he wants in life to have a bright future. Pearl says she is a funny gal and wants to be with a guy that can joke with her but be serious when the time is needed. She needs a boy to be supportive of her so she can support him back. She wants him to be adventurous and be able to step out of his comfort zone.

If you think you could meet all of Michaela’s expectations, get out there and give it a whirl! It couldn’t hurt to try!

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  1. Sentinel Student

    id like to take her on date.


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