Making the Students Think: An Assembly about Character

Rachel Peterson, Writer

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Early last week, Mr. DeFelice called an assembly that was much different from the usual ones that we have here at Springfield Local High School. At this assembly, Mr. DeFelice played a video that was very inspirational, touching, and moving for everyone who watched.
This specific video was about two men who thought they had lost it all. The one man had lost his vision and the other had lost his arms. As soon as their accidents happened causing them to lose these very needed things, they both thought they were useless to society and to the world. Until they started to make a difference.
There are several big messages and points of inspiration in this video. The first inspirational aspect in the video is that these men have learned to help themselves and each other living with their disabilities. These two men have also used their other senses and limbs to the extreme since they cannot use the ones that they lost. The man without arms has learned to do basically everything he needs to do with his feet; he can cook, clean, and pick things up with his toes. The man without vision has learned to use all of his other senses to help guide him. But what really allows the two together to do great things is the relationship they have built with one another.
Another inspirational aspect of this video is that although these men were discouraged and thought they had nothing left, they made a huge difference to the world. They actually started to plant trees in the area in which they lived! It doesn’t seem like much, but over time the number of trees that were planted and grew became significant. The first few trees they tried to plant would not grow because of many reasons, such as the soil being too dry. They ended up being successful and planting over 10,000 trees!
The moral of the amazing video that Mr. DeFelice had showed us is that you should always help others around you and never give up, even if something does not work the first try. Also, no matter what your challenges are, if you have a purpose, you will have the drive to do more than survive; you will live with passion.

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