Midterms=More Stress or Not?

Midterms and finals are all very stressful for students and faculty. They both require intensive amounts of studying and preparation to do well. Currently each of them are worth 10% of your grade. There are two specific days in January for midterms and in June the schedule repeats in June for finals. This method seems to work generally for the school. What would happen if we decided to get rid of midterms?
A couple weeks back, there was a survey sent out to the whole school including administration. The topic of the survey was, “If the midterm was eliminated should the final exam cover the whole year or only the 2nd semester?” The survey had 113 responses and 60% wanted to eliminate the midterms. Even after they were told that the final exam would be worth 20%, out of that 60% that wanted to get rid of the midterms as indicated by the response to the first question, 48% still wanted to get rid of them. 62% of those participating in the survey said that the final should cover the 2nd semester.
With all that data received no other actions have been taken. Some of the students have other opinions about the midterm and final situation. Megan Fagert said, “Midterms help prepare us for college because we have to take midterms and finals there.” Lauren McFadden said, “Finals would be more stressful because it would be worth more for your grade.”
Without midterms the finals would potentially add more pressure on the students. They would be more stressed out to do better on the test to ensure they pass the course. Splitting the year up between midterms and finals helps to separate the information throughout the year and takes more pressure off of the students. A possible big change may be in the future for SHS with the elimination of midterms though this is only the first step in that direction.

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