From Tiles to Walls: Making our School Beautiful

Art is a way to express feelings, passions, and interests. Everyone has different interests and favorites and they show that through the things they do. This is most prevalent in artwork. Mrs. Kennedy, Springfield’s art teacher, had started to paint her ceiling tiles in her room around her 2nd year teaching at Springfield Local. She let students paint what they wanted and to feel inspired by her ceiling as they worked on their own projects in her room. Soon every teacher around the school wanted painted ceiling tiles. It became a trend and the teachers were able to request what they wanted and the students painted them and hung the tile back up in their rooms. The tiles are still in the their rooms and admired to this day.
Soon after they had a lot painted, authorities said it was a fire hazard. They said the paint is highly flammable because the paint gets into the holes of the tile and it prevents the tiles from slowing the fire. Therefore, students had to stop painting the tiles which made a lot of people upset because it was so much fun for everyone. The tile painting let the art students leave their mark on the school and show off their artistic abilities. They have not removed the tiles, but they had said they just can’t paint anymore.
A couple of years later, an art club formed and they came up with the idea to paint murals on the walls of the teachers rooms, playing off of the ceiling tiles concept that everyone loved. Teachers can pick whatever they want, and a student will draw and paint it for them on the wall they wished to have it on. Mrs.Mullane chose a Starry Night Harry Potter scene. Mrs.Vecchione has “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss, and Mr.Cornfield has Star Wars lightsabers and Darth Vader on his wall. There are many more artistic visions for the future, and the teachers are enjoying having their rooms come alive with beautiful images.

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