Enjoy The Ride

Growing up a lot of us wished we were farther along in life. In elementary school we wanted to be in the middle school because that made us “big kids” and we had lockers. When we hit middle school, in all our awkward glory, we started to hit puberty and take interests in sports, academics, and other hobbies. We had crushes and would pass notes saying “Do you like me?” with yes/no check boxes. After awhile we wished to move onto the next level of schooling, high school.
Little did any of us expect what high school had in store for us. The heartbreak, fights, and drama that would happen in just four years is not something we could have guessed. When I was in middle school I was excited about two things: bigger lockers and the title of “high schooler.” There is no way I could have known how high school would prepare me to deal with all types of people and problems in life. Looking back on my thirteen years I have definitely matured a lot.
Although my school career was not that bad, I do have regrets. Some of my regrets are not finding value in each stage of my life, realizing that I’m not young forever and missing opportunities by focusing on the wrong things. I focused on growing up instead of realizing that time is precious.
My life could have been so much more if I looked at what I could be if I tried. While I’m a good student with great grades, if I would have put more effort into my schooling I could have been valedictorian. Anything is possible but it is important to not focus entirely on what is to come but also focus on the present. The thought of graduating in a few months is exciting because it’s the next chapter of life but it also saddens me to think about what I missed out on in high school. A lesson to those who are still in high school, no matter what age or stage you are in, appreciate each moment.

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