Bullying is Still Very Real

“Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.” We hear this a lot, especially from parents while growing. Truthfully, do we honestly think that words can’t hurt? Think about this, a lot of the bullying now is online and hence done verbally. Because of the technology we have, bullies are able to hide behind screens and say anything they want about you.
Bullying has even gone to the extremes for some people and is more prominent with younger students than in the past. Elementary school is now where the bullying officially begins. Why is this so? Some people would say that videogames were to blame but now it’s social media, and children are given devices to access social media and each other at very young ages which doesn’t help.
Almost every child in the U.S now has a way to be on social media at a very young age and can do it without parent permission because these websites don’t know how to prevent certain ages off the internet. Electronics are a convenient way for parents to keep kids occupied, so children learn how to work iPads even before learning how to read.
The sole reason someone becomes a bully is because it makes them feel better about themselves. Because of this, schools are trying to help those that believe that they are being bullied. Tip hotlines are available to call and schools have posters visible to spread awareness.
Bullying has evolved from children being picked on at the playground to texts on a phone or posts on social media. The grey area for what exactly is bullying has gotten much larger which makes it hard to punish those that do it. Though what has changed is that kids don’t get a break from bullying in school. It follows them home via their phones and social media.
So how can we help those that are being bullied? If you see bullying happening stand up to the person and protect the victim. Words do hurt and do cause harm to others, so be careful how you act towards others and try to be kind.

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