Okay Ohio, I See You

I wake up with the sun shining brightly in my eyes. My alarm is blaring as I throw it off my nightstand. It’s a Monday and while I’m usually a morning person, today was not one of those mornings. I throw on some clothes, slap on my face of cheap makeup and go. The weather was amazing for the beginning of February. Of course I didn’t notice this until after I walked into school with my puffy winter coat. My hair is full of static because of the material of my coat and even though I knew this when I bought it I didn’t care because it was half off. I walk into homeroom almost late with my hair looking like a troll doll. Most of my homeroom I’ve known since kindergarden. Some have joined our class over the years and just blend in now. The newest member of our class yells something about Texas and everyone laughs like they have been every day since the beginning of the year. In my daze I put my head on the desk and try to control the headache I woke up to.
I love school but today is the longest four hours of my life. Everyone has those days where something they love becomes something they dread. In Spanish we learned past verbs and had to write speeches. Usually I’m fine with this class but today was, again, one of those days. Writing is one of my greatest strengths, mixing together words so that they flow when you read them. However actually speaking the words I stumble and mumble the whole way. My voice will of course crack every time and my face will burn bright red. Writing is much easier because I can write what I feel and not get embarrassed or be interrupted. This love of writing is what determined my future career in Journalism. I put my head on my desk and the Spanish teacher instantly taps my desk, assuming I’m sleeping. Instead of focusing I move my attention to the window. Every car in the lot is a different person with a story and a life separate from this place. The bell rings, interrupting my deep train of thought.
I get home and first thing I do is turn on my laptop and start on homework. After about a minute I stop because of the pain in my head. I look back on my day, thinking about how horrible it was. Consumed with boredom I scroll through Facebook, looking at videos of puppies and posts from family members I’ve never met. I see a post from some distant relative that says “Start each day with a positive thought.” This brings me back to thinking about my day. The whole day I went through moping because I had decided that I was having a bad day instead of thinking positively and pushing through the negativity. Before going to bed I decide that tomorrow I will start fresh. A clean white slate is what tomorrow brings and I’ll start with a positive thought. As I drift asleep I can see the snow starting to fall outside.
I wake up to a bright light coming in my window. The few snowflakes of last night turned into a huge blanket of snow covering my front yard. My clean white slate right before my eyes. I take a deep breath and say, “Okay Ohio, I see you.”

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