I Don’t Know How to Study! Studying for Finals by: Tricia Bair

Tricia Bair

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Finals are coming up and there always seem to be the problem of studying. We have all studied before and probably passed a few tests and possibly even failed. We sometimes wonder how did I fail even though I studied so hard? The problem is that you do not know how to really study. There’s really no right or wrong way because every person studies differently.
Some of you might have more than one final. There could be 3 or even 4 exams one student has to take in one day. It can be difficult to study for all of them at once. The first thing you should do is to set out a studying schedule. Make sure to leave rest time in between to give yourself a break so you don’t drain yourself of energy. Start studying for the exams a couple of days before to give yourself enough time to prepare and ask questions if needed. Some exams might need more attention than others depending on if you understand the material or not. Procrastination is one of the worst things you can do.
Another huge part of studying is being organized. It is difficult to study when the area around is you messy or if your notes and homework is messy. Sometimes rewriting your notes to organize them can also help. This may even highlight material you might have forgotten over time.
Also keep in mind, breaks are necessary when studying for long periods at a time. You have to eat because if your stomach is growling at you, you won’t be very focused. When eating during studying you might not have time to make a full course meal. If you want to just eat something quickly, just make sure it’s a nutritious snack. Junk food will not fill your stomach and it will only cause you to have a sugar rush and feel awful. Some examples of “brain food” are fish, nuts, seeds, and yogurts. These foods help with memory and increase concentration.
Another helpful hint is to make note cards or your own study guide to help you study. Note cards help with repetition and the study guides can be used for lengthy questions that require longer written answers. These tools will get you plenty of practice to prepare you for your actual tests.
Each person has their own methods of studying. Remember to figure out what is best for you and do not allow yourself to become stressed. Good Luck on your exams!

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