Midterm Testing

The Springfield Local Schools has starting this year ending the midterm testing in the school district. This means that instead of having 10% of our final grade designated to each the midterm and final, the final will count as 20% of our final grade in the class.

They recently did away with the midterms in an attempt to reduce the pressure on the students and teachers, but this could actually lead to more stress being put on students and teachers since they have 20% of their class final grade determined on one test which will be reviewing the full extent of the class.

Though many students will be happy as well with the removal of midterms due to the reduced stress from not having to take additional tests in January. It will be positive for teachers because they will have more time during the year to educate students on topics rather than have to stop half way through the year and and review for a midterm.

There may be more benefits and challenges that come with getting rid of the midterms, but the students and staff will most likely not be able to know if this was a good decision or bad until the end of the year. SHS student Tim Chadwick said, “It’s going to be different but it will be nicer to have one big test.”

Having less tests is a very good thing, but is it at the expense of having the final count 20%. Springfield will have to be the judge.

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