An Alternative Way To Learn New Information And Earn Extra Credit: Springfield Local Science Club

If a student is taking any of Mrs. Dunn’s science classes and looking for a way to earn extra credit, then they should sign up for Science Club. This club takes place one day out of each month in Mrs. Dunn’s room and starts during the last fifteen minutes of school and can end as early as 2:30pm.  This allows students to still be able to attend other activities. By joining this club, students can earn up to a possible 25 bonus points each nine week, either by presenting a powerpoint about any science related topic or by bringing in people to perform a demonstration or experiment.

Dunn organized this club because she understands that students sometimes need extra points to bring their grade up and science club is a perfect way to do just that. This club allows  the students learn relevant information. When asked about science club Mrs. Dunn stated her favorite quote by Albert Einstein, “‘If you can’t explain it simple you don’t understand it well enough.’” Dunn believes that this quote is relevant for her classes and clubs because some of her classes can be very difficult, so Dunn believes that she must be the one who understands it first in order to teach it to the students in a way that they too will understand.

Dunn does teach some difficult science classes here at Springfield local like Chemistry and Physics. Because some of her classes are challenging, she offers potential bonus points at the club meetings. Each time a student is present at a meeting they automatically earn five bonus points.  Each time a student presents a power point they earn ten bonus points. One student can only earn up to 25 extra credit points per nine weeks. At least one student per meeting must present a power point to the class about a certain topic. This topic can be almost anything science related.

Dunn gives the student the choice of picking the topic so that it’s more interesting and enjoyable for them. The only thing Dunn asks is that the student talks to either her or one of the club officers so that no two people are doing the same topic.

The class gets to elect a president, vice president, secretary and a treasurer at the first meeting. These officers have to make sure that everything runs smoothly. They construct how the club will run and decide who will present at each meeting. Whenever a student finds a topic that they like and they want to present at the next meeting, they find a club officer, most likely the president or vice president, and ask them if they are able to present. And depending on the availability the student(s) will either be granted the permission or denied. If they are denied they will have to wait until the next meeting.

Mrs. Dunn wants this club to be enjoyable and beneficial for the students, and she stated that she “would like to see more new faces in her club each year.”

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