Read All About It! Students Find Fun in School’s Book Club

Every year a number of Springfield Local High School students choose to participate in the school’s Book Club, in which students come together and read books that they’ve chosen and talk about how they felt while reading it. The club is run by two of the school’s English teachers Mrs. Kelly Johnston and Mrs. Christina Mullane. They started the book club four years ago. When asked why the book club began, Johnston stated, “To bring the passion of reading back to kids.”  

Book Club gives students the opportunity to enhance their reading and comprehension skills outside of class as well as further their education in a fun way. It gives students who are avid readers a chance to come together and enjoy pieces of literature that they have chosen as a group. Senior Katelynn Sluka, a past member of the Book Club, says, “I really enjoy being a part of Book Club because I like reading so much. I like that Johnston and Mullane make it fun and have small parties for it too.”

Meetings vary from year to year, though the club meets regularly to discuss what the members have read and their thoughts on the books. At the meetings members have snacks and beverages to enjoy while talking about their thoughts on the pieces being read. This way the students can enjoy what they’re reading and what they’re eating while socializing in a fun way. Book Club meetings are a fun and creative way to help students learn and come together as classmates.  In the past, Book Club discussed novels such as I’ll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson, The Other by Thomas Tryon, and Love is the Higher Law by David Levithan,  as well as many others novels.

The club also takes trips to see movies related to the books they’ve read and participate in Read Across America Week. Read Across America Week is a literacy awareness program that our SHS Elementary School participates in, and its purpose is to try to ignite a fire for reading for children at a young age, and find the fun in reading books. Also, it helps show kids that even as they grow older, reading can still be enjoyable. This is a goal of the book club as well.

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