Theater with a New Lead-er

As the Drama Club of Springfield Local High school undergoes new advisement for the upcoming show in March, Springfield newcomer Mr. Joshua Senn has now been handed the ropes as lead director. With the new change in leadership, some questions were raised about the club and the new director and the changes that will ensue with the change in command.

The cause of the change in leadership happened very suddenly and with little warning. Fortunately for Springfield and the future of drama club, Senn stepped up stating that; “It’s going to be a great new step for the drama program.”

Senn attended Ohio State University for his undergraduate education. While in high school, he participated in multiple drama productions. He also worked as assistant director alongside previous drama director Jeff Cornfield for plays such as Winnie the Pooh and Mash. Senn has shown his love for the theater on multiple occasions whether it be his own participation in stage in productions or aiding in putting them on. As the path for drama club opens up, so does the variety of plays that can be offered. Senn plans on putting on at least one musical per season of drama.  As far as this year goes, a musical is already scheduled for production. No titles for the upcoming show has been given yet, but it has been described by Senn as an, “old classical musical.”

All in all, the change in leadership is yet another milestone for the SHS Drama Club, and  it surely will be a great one.

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