More Than Just a Game Springfield Hosts Thirds Meet and Greet

More Than Just a Game Springfield Hosts Thirds Meet and Greet

Jarrett Orbin

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On Friday, September 15, 2017 before the Springfield High School’s football game against Jackson Milton, Mr. DeFelice held his annual teacher meet and greet. This event is for any student’s parents who would like to personally acquaint themselves with the faculty at our school.

DeFelice believes that this would improve the rapport between parents and faculty. Through this event parents had the opportunity to learn more about their student’s teachers for the school year. This meet and greet served as a social event, not only for the parents, but for the students as well.

In previous years Springfield had traditional open houses where teachers would be in their rooms and parents would go from room to room to meet them. This event was poorly attended which prompted DeFelice to make a change. He stated that he “Wanted a less formal but more casual environment for parents to talk to teachers.” The evening of the first football game was chosen because people would already be there to see the game, so why not stop by and talk to the teachers. The students had an opportunity to win prizes for having their parents attend.

Throughout the week prior to the event, teachers handed out orange tickets to students who completed their homework on time and excelled in the classroom. The orange tickets were used in a raffle to win Springfield Local High School items such as t-shirts and specialized cups.

The tickets were a fun incentive for students, and they were an additional reason to attend the game on Friday. The school’s guidance counselor, Mr. Hogg, stated that he, “Hoped for a good turnout for this.” When interviewed about how many people showed up Hogg commented, “I have no clue.”

Before the football game had even started, many people showed up to support the team. DeFelice stated that “about 35-40 parents showed up and that hopefully it will carry on to next year’s event.”

The success of the event cannot be measured by the number of parents that attended, but by connections that were made by those that were there. Mr. DeFelice expressed his hopes that this event will continue to grow over the years.

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