More Than Just a Game Springfield Hosts Thirds Meet and Greet

On Friday, September 15, 2017, before the Tiger’s home varsity game against Jackson Milton, Mr. DeFelice announced that there will be a meet and greet for any student’s parents who would like to personally meet the faculty. Mr. DeFelice had come to the realization that it would improve the relationships between parents and faculty of Springfield Local High School. Through this event, parents had the opportunity to learn more about their student’s teachers. This meet and greet served as a social event, not only for the parents, but for the students as well.  The students got to meet the teachers outside of school while their parents had the opportunity to win prizes.

Prior to the football game, there were raffles and games for anyone to enjoy.  Throughout the school week prior to the meet and greet, teachers handed out blue tickets to their students. For example, any student who completed their homework on time or exceeded expectations in the classroom could receive a ticket. Students were to then pass on this blue ticket to their parent or guardian so they may qualify to possibly win a prize such as a Springfield Local High School t-shirt or a specialized cup.

The tickets were a fun way for kids to perform well in the classroom and they acted as an incentive for both parents and students to attend the game on Friday and meet their teachers before hand. Springfield Locals’ guidance counselor, Mr. Hogg, stated that he, “Hoped for a good turnout for this.” When interviewed about how many people showed up Hogg commented “I have no clue.” When asked, DeFelice stated that “about 35-40 parents showed up and that hopefully it will carry on to next year. He believed that letting the kids know during the school day made for a better turnout.”  It was an all around ecstatic atmosphere for everyone who participated in this event.

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