Parking Passes: Are They Necessary?

Every year the students intending to drive to school have to fill out a form to receive a parking pass for the year. The students are always informed that this is necessary if they want this privilege and will have to use the parking pass throughout the year. The school’s resource Lieutenant Fellows distributes the passes to each student.  

Everyone receives a small plastic tag which you hang on your mirror. This tag states the school and also a number at the bottom.  Students and faculty alike are required to have a parking pass. Everyone in the school has become accustom to receiving one at the beginning of the year when driving and using the parking lot at the school. However, many people wonder why these little tags are necessary?

A few years back these passes were not needed. When asked about this topic, Lieutenant Fellows stated, “It is just to make sure the students are safe and that people without the passes cannot just come in. They help to show which student’s car is which with the little numbers at the bottom, and they can trace the car back to the student.”

Until now it’s never been specifically explained as to why the students need the passes, after speaking with Officer Fellows, it is now clear that they are necessary in order to keep all students and cars safe.

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