Two Sentence Scary Stories

To get in the Halloween spirit, the Springfield High School publication students wrote two sentence horror stories and here they are…

I’m lost in the woods at night, and I feel like I’m being watched. I run blindly, and the crackle of leaves behind me, growing closer and closer, confirm my fear that I’m not alone. –Marlie Applegarth

It was getting dark as I walked along the narrow dirt road by the cornfields with my dog, distracted by admiring the chilling dark outline of the scarecrow standing near the edge of the field, almost as if it were watching me. I continued walking until I got home and the next morning I took my dog out for a walk again by the same cornfields, there was no scarecrow.-Natalie Babinec

It says open your eyes and look into its eyes so you do it. Before you knew it, you couldn’t move or breathe, and you felt as if you were turned to stone, then everything went black. –Victoria Blakeman

I had a dream that I had got stabbed by a man in a hoodie last week. I look down to see a knife, and I can hear it breathing under my bed. –Eric Cameron

I was driving past a cemetery when suddenly something ran in front of me. Later I found of it was my great grandfather, he is dead.  –Ellie Centofanti

One night I woke up at to a loud crash in the basement and what sounded like someone yelling but the messed up thing was that I was home alone. Then it got louder and I knew the end was near.   –Tim Chadwick

I looked into the mirror and saw a deformed apparition. I immediately looked away and when i’d looked back I realized I had been looking at myself all along. –Morgan Colwell

Walking down the steps, I trip and fall and I wake up to no noise at all.  Sleeping is peaceful, when you’re in a casket. –Cheyenne Heffner

Nobody knew what happened to that kid or where he disappeared to. I didn’t either until I realized that the kid was me. –Mariah Johnson

I can’t tell if I’m dreaming or not because it’s really dark in my room.  I feel like I kept waking up every five minutes and seeing these red eyes in my closet behind my clothes, so I’ll just stay put in my bed. –Haley LaMorticella

He was running at me full-speed, and I couldn’t get away. When I looked down, there was blood on my hands. –Camy Mannion

I live alone in the woods far from civilization. There was a knock on my window. –Jarrett Orbin

My little brother always told me how he loved the sound of voices tucking him in at night. I go in his room to say goodnight one time but did not hear a single thing but my own breath.  –Morgan Santangelo

I got used to the scratches on the door when I had my dogs. But now that they have passed away, why do more and more keep appearing not only on the doors, but everywhere. –Morgan Santangelo

My mother had always taught me to see the best in people. So I did just that, until people didn’t start to appear anymore.  –Morgan Santangelo

I began tapping on the window of my one person apartment to the beat of the song I was listening too. I never expected to hear a knocking back. –Zach Swantek

The girl in the mirror was staring back at me. She was smiling, but I wasn’t. –Emily Yasechko

I woke up and started brushing my hair in the mirror. But my reflection was doing something else. –Nicole Yasechko

I took my phone and looked at my grades online. I screamed. –Nicole Yasechko

“Darling, what’s the matter?” she asked. “I saw that woman was bothering you again, so I made sure she’d never come back hehe.” –Jordan McCusker

I looked in the mirror, staring at my reflection. To my concern, my reflection wasn’t staring back, but instead pointing to the closet I thought I had closed. –Brianna Phillips

I woke in the middle of the night to the sound of the TV playing in the basement. We don’t have a TV in the basement. –Anthony Verterano

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