New Opportunities in the Math World

We have a new math teacher at Springfield High School this year, Mrs. Sarah Brooke.  This is her first year teaching at SLHS; however, this is not Brooke’s first teaching job. Previously she worked at Cardinal Mooney for five years as an Algebra and Geometry teacher.   

Previously, Mrs. Brooke also worked in advertising studying TV and radio rating trends. She loves finding different ways to solve problems, and she started teaching math because she realized it was her passion and her way of helping more.  

Mrs.Brooke is married with three kids, a five year old boy, three year old girl and a two year old boy. Brooke has a very busy life with her three children and teaching five days a week.  She previously lived in Florida. The students and staff are happy to now call Mrs. Brooke an SHS Tiger.

When asked how math has impacted her life she said, “It has allowed me to reach students and help them to be successful.”  Brooke is very kind and a very nice teacher; she always tries to help her students reach their fullest potential.  When asked why she thinks algebra and math in general is an important subject to teach. Her response was, “At the very least it teaches you to think critically.”  Brooke never really had a love for math until she saw it as a way to help kids and students in the world.   

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