Stephen King: It Will Have You Floating Too

Morgan Colwell

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Stephen King’s It (2017) was one of the most anticipated movies to come out this fall. With Pennywise’s (Bill Skarsgård) iconic red hair and sharp tooth grin, viewers were anticipating chills before even entering the theater. Director Andy Muschietti’s reboot stayed true to the classic 1990 film, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the entire length of the film.

The story is set in the small town of Derry, Maine. When children start to disappear, a group of friends (The Losers Club) starts to become anxious as to what is happening to their classmates. For Billy (Jaeden Lieberher), the group’s leader, it all hits him when Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott), his brother, goes missing and from there on Billy knows he has to find out what really happened.

The original film was produced in 1990 and included: Tim Curry, Seth Green, Annette O’Toole and Richard Thomas. For any horror fanatic this made for TV film was a must see. Keeping with the spirit of the original, the reboot takes horror to a new level with its special effects. This is seen when Georgie’s arm is bit off, it becomes more gory than in the first. Georgie is found by the sewer with a bloody stump, his arm is a little further away chewed up in a puddle of blood. Skarsgård was easily able to achieve the devilish grin that Pennywise is known for. The sinister look he creates makes it feel as though Pennywise is looking directly at you. At one point in the movie Pennywise jumps out of the projector and gives the illusion he is coming through the screen at the audience.

Even with such a young cast, characterization was portrayed seamlessly. The Losers Club exhibited courage, yet they still conveyed the fear that they felt underneath while investigating the house that contained Pennywise’s well.  Within the well there are the bodies of children that can be seen “floating.” This occurs when Pennywise takes the children they begin to float symbolizing they are dead. In this film the characters are portrayed in a unique way. In the movie Billy (Jaeden Lieberher) had a stutter which made him seem more vulnerable and most likely got worse because of the traumatic experience between his brother and Pennywise.Two of the characters Richie (Finn Wolfhard) and Eddie (Jack Dylan Grazer) swore throughout the film which caused the audience to laugh and made it more authentic. In the movie Billy’s friend and crush Beverly (Sophia Lillis) was going through some family and home issues with her father that could sadly and very likely affect children across the world and be relatable.

Although the movie It was a huge hit over this past month there still were some flaws with this film. Many people, like me, go in expecting to come out terrified and afraid to sleep at night. I went into the movie theater to see It expecting it to be like The Amityville Horror; however, I found myself laughing at some parts and less than fearful. I believe it should have been scarier for the simple fact that it was rated R which usually denotes a very gory or violent film. Though the occasional gory scenes were appropriate, Muschietti could have amped it up to really draw in the new age horror lovers.   

Overall, this film was very well constructed. It included a perpetual amount of scary moments to get the audience jumping but also humorous ones to make them more at ease. The movie earned a 5 out of 5 star rating due to the inclusion of suspense and jump scares as well as the details and amazing graphics throughout the film.

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