Annabelle: The Doll that Changes it All

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Annabelle: The Doll that Changes it All

Camyron Mannion

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Annabelle Creation (2017), the second movie in the Annabelle (2014) series is better than the first movie because it has more information, as I will explain later in the review. In this chilling horror film, it tells the story of how this haunted doll became what it is in the first movie. It starts off from the very beginning, before the doll was even made. It is very well written because once you watch this movie the first one makes more sense because it tells the background of the doll. It is a prequel, so the second movie tells the beginning of Annabelle’s story, and the first movie shows what happens after that.  This movie is filled with terrifying scenes that will make you jump.

The main characters in this film are mostly young orphan girls. These girls are the main focus of the doll for the haunting and possession. The main character Janice (Talitha Bateman) does an amazing job of portraying this character. This is a fairly hard part to play. I think this because she is a child, and playing the part of being possessed can’t be easy. The other main character is Linda, played by Lulu Wilson. She has some experience being in other horror movies, such as the film, Ouji, at the young age of eleven.

The ending of this movie is the most important part, and it is the biggest surprise for the viewers.  After watching this movie, you will walk out of the theater with your mind blown. Annabelle Creation will not disappoint, even if you are not a fan of being scared.

Although this movie got many good reviews, it isn’t perfect. There are some parts of this movie that some people might find offensive, such as the language, but that can be overlooked because of how well the story is written. Horror movies aren’t for everyone, and some people don’t like every kind of horror movie. This is not a good movie to see if you are looking for something family friendly. Some of the scenes can be graphic and scary to some people, but those are the qualities of a horror movie. For example, there are graphic killing scenes at multiple times in this film. This movie is definitely not for everyone.

Some of the content can be hard for some people to follow, especially the ending if you did not see the first one. The characterization in this film is quite outstanding because it shows how the characters grow throughout the movie. The whole film shows good examples of development in the plot and in the characters.

This is a very dark, dreary movie, and it is not very relatable to real life because not many people have such extreme supernatural experiences such as the ones in this movie. You don’t hear about many people getting haunted by a demon trying to steal their souls. The portrayal of this, however, is very interesting to the viewer because the plot line is so well written.

Overall, Annabelle Creation is an amazing movie, and I give it a 10/10. It was well written, the plot was exceptional, and the characters and the actors were phenomenal. I encourage people to go see this because it is very interesting and chilling to watch. Once you go see this movie, you will be shocked by the ending, wowed by the actors, and sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time.

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