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What if the Internet is Lost Forever?

Morgan Colwell

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Many people rely on the internet on a day to day basis whether they realize it or not. No matter the person’s age almost every person in the world has access to devices that use the internet whether it be computers, phones, or other game consoles. Not many people think on a day to day basis that one day there is the possibility of the internet completely crashing all over the world for a day or even longer. What would happen if you couldn’t go on your phone and access simple things on or even contact someone?

In a BBC article titled “What if the internet stopped working for a day?”  it was stated, “a fifth of all Americans say they use the internet “almost constantly” and 73% say they use it at least daily” (BBC Future). Now imagine waking up and seeing that you aren’t able to connect to the internet. You check your router and still it won’t work. What would happen then? Seeing that nearly everyone depends on the internet whether it be in workplaces, school or just your homes it’s evident the web is a big part of lives across the world.

I believe if we were to lose all connection with the internet, the world would start to fall apart. Nearly everything we do daily is using the internet, even this article is being typed on a computer. They are used in mailing things, delivery, shopping, and so many more everyday things people do. It is seen that internet is heavily depended on in our society and because of this without it many people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

I believe the world would begin to fall apart, and I am believing this because places like the bank now use computers to keep track of all of our money. Even simple things like that would contribute to the falling of our nation without internet. If money cannot be reached, people cannot buy things and that leads to businesses shutting down, then leading to people not being able to buy simple things such as food and clothing. Seeing this it would almost be like a domino effect. As one thing would shut down that would lead to the fall of another and so on…

Some people would think this idea is far fetched and that something like this would never happen but it has been looked into by many people and articles have been written about it. In an article it was stated, “Some governments also have ‘kill switches’ that can effectively turn off the internet in their country” (BBC Future). This goes to show just how easy it would be to do this if the government wanted it to happen.

Another way that this internet shut down could occur would be by satellites being destroyed in space, something that is pretty hard if not impossible to prevent. It was stated, “The most devastating strikes could come from space, however. A large solar storm that sent flares in our direction would take out satellites, power grids and computer systems” (BBC Future). Another source stated,  “Instantly, about 80% of all services are interrupted. Television goes offline. The basis for all your information is immediately gone; cell phones, computers, TV—all of it is offline. Even your landline phones are affected. Only radio and broadcast TV still work. But, nobody knows what’s going on (due to lack of communication), so there’s little information to share” (Thrillist).This would occur randomly and as I said and couldn’t be prevented thus giving us no internet.

This idea could be very real and if it were to happen the world would go into a panic. I believe people need to prepare or have the thought in their minds that one day the internet could completely stop working for a day or more. If that were to happen would you be lost, or would you be one of the few prepared? Would you be able to go back to reading actual books and looking at an actual newspaper or would you be lost?

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