R.I.P. Vine: Making a Comeback?

Camyron Mannion

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Vine is a place where all ideas are welcome, but one day, this came to a halt.  It has been over a year since Vine has been removed from the internet. Vine is an app that allowed people to make short videos that are comical to the public. Comedy is its main use, but there are other categories on the app like music, movies and more. When the announcement that it was being removed came about, the Vine lovers of the internet were in a panic. This app brought so much joy to the people of the internet that it was a big deal when they removed it because it was its own unique app.

Some people, believe it or not, got famous from this app. Some people made up funny sayings or got lucky and caught funny moments on camera and published them on Vine. For example, people falling and/or getting hurt seemed to be a big hit. Because of this, Vine can be compared to the TV show, America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Vine may not be an app anymore, but that doesn’t stop anyone from watching their videos. It now lives through Twitter and Youtube. It is as simple as searching “Vine Compilations.” A popular trend with Vine videos on Twitter is called “Vine Threads.” These are where someone will announce they are doing one and attach a thread of vines for people to watch. This is a good way for the app to live on through other apps. People enjoy these so much, that the person who started it will get tens of thousands of likes on the thread. On Twitter, many people also quote vines or talk about how they miss Vine. For example, some people have said things like, “Me in my therapist’s office: ‘I miss Vine,’ or “I wouldn’t cry myself to sleep anymore if Vine came back.” (from @ricardojkay on twitter). The people truly would like Vine to return.

Vine was also positive because it was generally drama free.  Looking at the comments under the vines that were posted, there were mostly just people saying how funny the vines were. Of course there are always going to be hate comments which happen on any social media. The thing is though, even with the hate comments, people didn’t even care about what others said. Vine was mostly about the laughs.

A recent announcement about Vine has provided blessings to its viewers. The creator of Vine, Don Hofmann, recently sent out a picture that said V2. This means Vine 2, and that is leading people to believe there is a second coming of Vine. He has not said exactly when this updated Vine app will be released, but he did say soon. Hopefully Vine 2 will be just as good or better as the first Vine.

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