Jordan McCusker

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Life isn’t a video game where we can start over when we mess up

There are so many paths I wished I had taken

But most I can’t go back to

Now I’m left to stare back at the past

And wonder what could have been.


I wish I hadn’t run away,

I’ve always been afraid of bears

And bears have never liked me,

I had never met a nice one before

I never thought I would

So when I did, I didn’t know what to say

And ran away,

I wish I hadn’t run away

Because the bear eventually led me to

A new world.


I wish I had fought sooner.

I didn’t want to wield a sword

And I didn’t want to slay a dragon

I had hoped I could live without doing either

Without a creature who did nothing

But one day, a dragon came

And I had to wield a sword to protect myself

Life was easier from then on

It would have been easier

If I had fought sooner.


I wish I had aimed for first place!

There were three competitions I was in

I went at my own pace because I thought that was right

Had I known they were my last

Had I not taken them for granted

I would have worked so much harder!


All these paths I avoided

I didn’t have a map or I had too many,

So many uncertainties

So many times I sat in a forked road for days

So I could avoid the demon of regret.


As I’ve traveled more paths

Gaining more wisdom and wit

I’ve learned that most scary roads aren’t that bad

You just gotta take that first step

To get to your destination.


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