Buy your Jacket, but don’t Wear It!

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Buy your Jacket, but don’t Wear It!

Anthony Verterano

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I understand that Springfield Local’s dress code’s purpose is to reduce distractions from the educational process. Generally, it’s a good idea and it’s easy to follow. The dress code makes complete sense to me except for one thing. The lettermans jackets. You buy them through the school, and the school gives you letters and pins to put on it to celebrate your achievements in sports and school activities. This sounds like something nice, right? It is except for the fact that these jackets are forbidden to be worn.

Our current dress code says that wearing the lettermans jacket is against the dress code. This has always really puzzled me, so I asked around and heard some of the rumors about why we aren’t allowed to wear them.  One of the most popular reasons I heard was that the jackets would make it easy to sneak in contraband, which makes no sense because it’s just a normal sized jacket. I would understand this concern a lot more if we were talking about trench coats, not a Springfield lettermans jacket.

Many of the students here at SLHS are fired up about not being able to wear their jackets. “They make us pay $300 then tell us not to wear them!” exclaims Morgan Santangelo.

Another reason floating around is that the lettermans are too “intimidating.” According to Mr. DeFelice his reason for banning these jackets deal with, “security, primarily.”  But I think this has to do with everyone being too sheltered and offended in this new generation. Honestly, it’s a jacket that the people who wear them have earned. Students should not be intimidated or offended by it. Anyone can get a jacket and get a letter if they put there mind to it. Literally, you can even get an academic letter for good grades here at SLHS.

If anything, these jackets are good motivation because if you see them, you want one of your own. This may just push students to get involved in an extracurricular activity or sport so that they can begin collecting letters and pins with pride.  

Another student, Jessie Swartz stated, “If they want to take the jackets away, they could at least turn up the heat.”  Not only are lettermans jackets banned, but all other jackets as well. One teacher’s room’s thermometer has consistently read 58 degrees throughout the winter.  Some people just don’t have the money to go buy more jackets after they just dropped hundreds of dollars on a lettermans jacket and so they then remain cold in many of their classrooms. Senior Mitchell Medved noted that, “If you were cold and you only have a light t-shirt and a beautiful north face puffer in your locker and you could be warm right now but nooooo.”  Mitchell is only one of many students expressing their frustration with the no jacket policy.

Now if the Springfield High School’s staff is reading this, I want to let them know I’m not trying to bash your policies, but maybe you should look at the policy a little differently.  My hope is for you to reconsider this rule. Changing this policy will not cause any harm to the educational environment at SLHS, and it may even throw more of a competitive edge at the students to become more involved and succeed in school.

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