Sweethearts: Through the Eyes of a Senior

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Sweethearts: Through the Eyes of a Senior

Morgan Santangelo

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To start this off it’s completely insane and unbelievable to me that this is my last regular high school dance… ever. It just doesn’t seem real to me because I can remember going to these dances when I was an underclassman. I just don’t know where the time goes.

As much as I hate shopping for these things and all the money spent on them, at the end of the day I will miss it. It will feel weird next year seeing pictures of my underclassmen friends still going without me. It’s the only time you get to be this dressed up and fancy while in high school for the most part. You also get to dance and sing with all your friends and then go out to an amazing dinner after. I even love taking a million pictures.

Most people don’t get to go on a fancy dinner besides big celebrations like a birthday, anniversary, graduation so I look forward to the good food after just as much as the dance. The getting ready part is so exciting too because you’re so anxious to just be ready and go to the dance.  



Overall, my last Sweethearts dance went extremely well. A group of girls and I just went together without dates and it was the best idea ever. We had an amazing time. We got our makeup done together and then took pictures at my house.

We then went to the dance and took a couple of pictures there as well. There was this big picture frame at the dance that you could hold up to make it look like you were inside an actual picture. Many of the students took advantage of this prop to create memories.

The DJ was awesome. He played good, new music that the majority of the crowd knew and chose upbeat, exciting music that was perfect for the dancing atmosphere.

After the dance we went to Springfield Grille. I remember going to this restaurant when I was a freshman and I had liked it a lot but hadn’t been there since, so I was extremely excited for this food again. It was just as good as I had remembered. We enjoyed our waiter and closed up the place.

We could not stop laughing the entire night.  This was definitely a night to remember.

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