Captain Midnight

Tim WIlliams

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What made up the canvas of an evening sky melts into a black background. Gotham has once again welcomed night back into its home, and for the next twelve hours the creatures of the underworld will dance to the Devil’s song. . . and Selina loved the beat.

Even with her Catwoman persona running amuck, the little girl that never really grew up is still running around these streets looking for that same freedom she once had, after the orphanage but before the prostitution. Selina gathered her thoughts before leaving her apartment. . . a search to find that nostalgia would come at a price. Once found, it would never again feel the same.

Now controlled by monsters masquerading as men, the criminal underworld is not to be trifled with, as the illicit acts committed by many go right under the radar. The police are scared, their desire to live overpowers their will to act as members of a sacred force, bound to protect their city. In the simplest of terms, the Gotham City Police Department is made up of cowards.

However, despite all of that, searching for what was once there was moot. Selina is dead, and the remains are buried in the alley that birthed the Catwoman. Gotham made sure to remind her, but nevertheless, Selina wouldn’t give up.

Lodged in a trench coat that hid her black costume, the thief that Gotham made trekked the endless city blocks, looking for familiar tire tracks. . . maybe the feeling of heated cars that sheltered her in the winter months. . . all that walking these streets did was remind her of devilish acts and the skimpy outfits.

That feeling of innocence was gone, leaving Selina hiding behind her thin trench coat, what she really was.

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