Big Tasty’s Takes over SLHS

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Big Tasty’s Takes over SLHS

Noah Eckman

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With late lunches and a recent moratorium on snacking, students in the Mr. Dunn’s Business class take advantage of the desperate need for sugar and carbs. Before the foundation of Big Tasty’s, a day at Springfield Local High School was filled with major restrictions on snacks recently imposed by the principal. Students at the school were complaining about these new restrictions on snacks so one personal finance class decided to take action and help their fellow students. Mr. Dunn’s class decided to create a business out of selling snacks to these hungry students.

The class decided early on to call the business Big Tasty’s because of a nickname that was given to the teacher of the class by his son as a joke. This business was totally funded by students in the class who had no financial help from the teacher. The class is required to donate money back to the school in order to be allowed to operate. The class has decided to make their donations to the SLHS Multimedia Class.

Big Tasty’s started by selling only candy bars and chips, all safe under the restrictions,  but as they gained popularity it was clear that they needed to offer something more. Next, after polling the students about their preferences, they began to offer muffins and cinnamon rolls. These new items were immediate best sellers with the muffins selling out within the first two days that they were offered. Recently Big Tasty’s has extended its inventory to include Sparkling Ice, the only non-clear drink that students are allowed to drink. These drinks, like all things at Big Tasty’s, continue to be very popular among the student body. Big Tasty’s is expected to continue expanding its inventory but it is unknown up to this point what the next expansion will be but if it follows the trend it will be very popular.

The students at Springfield Local were very accepting of this new student run business. Throughout the day many students make their way to Big Tasty’s Headquarters, Mr.Dunn’s classroom,  to purchase snacks. Typically, the biggest rush of students come to buy snacks at the beginning of the day, mostly purchasing breakfast items like the muffins and cinnamon rolls as many students do not eat much of a breakfast before school.

Students not only go to Mr.Dunn’s classroom to buy these items, teachers in the high school and middle school also have offered to host satellite stores in their classrooms. This makes it easier for students to access the snacks if they can’t make it to Mr. Dunn’s classroom. These mini stores do very well, some needing restocked daily. These mini stores do especially well when teachers have the students watch movies in their class. Students like 6 foot 2 football playing junior Benny Chaszeyka like Big Tasty’s because “it’s convenient and meets all my snacking needs.”

Even though this business is run by the students Mr. Dunn is essential to keeping the business running in his room is Big Tasty’s Headquarters. As Mr. Dunn states, “The kids are hungry and we’re ready to feed them. Bring them on!”

Big Tasty’s, as with any business, has its challenges that the students running it need to address. A major problem that the business has faced was keeping in line with the restrictions on snacks. Big Tasty’s have been on the verge of breaking the rules quite a few times like with the muffins. The students didn’t know if the principal would allow them to sell muffins but they took a chance and it was well worth it as muffins are their best seller. Another problem that may occur is that this business may anger the lunch ladies. One of the top sellers in the cafeteria is the Sparkling Ice which is now being sold by Big Tasty’s.  The plan is to continue to sell these drinks under the radar because they are making an extreme profit for the student run business.

Overall, Big Tasty’s is the perfect example of a supply and demand economy being run by students who have no prior business experience. The students have timed the opening of their business perfectly to respond to the principal’s restrictions on snacks allowing the students to maximize their profit and popularity.

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