Following the Signs- Who’s the Culprit?

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Following the Signs- Who’s the Culprit?

Cassandra Bacon

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Recently at Springfield Local High School in New Middletown, Ohio, mysterious signs from other schools have been making their appearance.  From Salem High School football signs to a congratulation award for a 1,000 points scored in a young girl’s basketball career, inspirational signs are moving throughout the school. These signs are being posted in odd places throughout Springfield Local- above teachers’ doors, on lockers, and even in school bathrooms.

Mrs. Mullane’s room was one of the first hit by the sign bandit. When asked about the new decor hanging above her door, she stated, “I never noticed it until another teacher pointed it out, and it was a positive message, so I just left it there.” Though it does appear to be a double negative, “never never quit,” and an oxymoron, being a positive, stolen sign, it has now become a piece of irony in an English classroom.

In total, about 16 signs have been found…so far.  The suspect is still at large and is not showing any signs of stopping just yet.

Amongst the students at Springfield Local, they have their concerns as to who they believe is the master thief, or the self proclaimed “Robin Hood” of their day.  Robin Hood believes that they are simply contributing to maintaining a positive attitude at Springfield Local. “I try my hardest to only purloin signs and banners that have something positive on them. Motivational sayings, I want to make a good thing out of what’s looked on as bad,” stated Robin Hood when asked in a private, anonymous interview.  

When asked about the signs that are not motivational, Robin Hood says that those are never the goal souvenir to bring back to the home turf; however, their classmates are impressed by the remarkable skill it takes to thieve some of the signs.  Many are the size of a standard 8×11 sheet of paper or could be folded down and easily smuggled out, yet some are quite large in size, being the size of a poster or larger. “I have a few accomplices at my side but they wish to remain anonymous without an alias.  If anyone is to go down for this it’s going to be me, I’ll gladly take the blame for this ‘crime.’”

Michael Wagner, 15, a fellow student at Springfield Local caught Robin Hood in the act without realizing it.  “I touched [them] last night and did not notice anything,” said Wagner after finding out about the poster board size sign that Robin Hood possessed at the time of the encounter.  

The Robin Hood of Springfield Local still continues to make his contribution to the school, no matter what is at stake; a selfless character that shows no regret for a crime as positive as theirs.

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