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Jordan McCusker

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There is a bridge betweens us

One that connects

But also separates.

I couldn’t make it on my own.

I needed some way to move.

Some way to live.

Some way to be happy,

So I tried to find a bridge.

Bridges let me see you.

I tried to build them myself,


I didn’t know how.

Then, I let people build them for me

And they always ended up falling into a dark abyss.

I never thought I’d get to you,

Until you built a bridge to me.

It came out of nowhere

Bringing me confusion and dismay.

I didn’t know if I was allowed to cross,

Or if trolls were hiding under it,

So I stayed on my lonely island

Until you came to see me.

The bridge you built connected us

And I was happy.

Almost everyday we saw each other,

Conjoined twins; we never left the hip.

It seemed we would always have that bridge.

Days moved on and travel was less.

You never came; I feared the worst.

I ran to your island.

You were gone.

We were still connected,


I was alone

Our bridge began to have holes

Holes I wished to patch,


I didn’t know how

So I stayed on my side

Sitting in silence

On my lonely, little island.

Would our bridge break?

Would it disappear?

These were the fears I had

Maybe they were silly,


They were whispers that filled my ear

So I carefully watched it

Waiting for a disaster that would never come.

Eventually the holes went away,

Returning with something new.

Our short bridge had grown so long.

On the other end, you were there

And I was happy,


Could I cross?

Could I make it back to you?

My legs trembled as I inched my way across.

Would you let me come over?

Or would you shoot me with an arrow?

You never have before,


Our bridge almost broke.

You’re a stranger I now don’t know.

A century past.

As I inched my way forward,

As I inched my way to you,


No matter how long I took,

No matter how scared I seemed,

No matter how much trouble I caused,

You stayed right there

Smiling all the way

And I was happy.

Even if you leave your island.

Even if I have to cross a million bridges.

I know I’ll one day,

Be able to cross this distance.

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