Seniors: What Will You Be Doing After High School?

Brianna Phillips

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  • Julie Keltz: Attending Youngstown State University for Early Childhood Education/ Special Education.
  • Cassandra Bacon: Attending Youngstown State University.
  • Braden Phillips: Attending Youngstown State University for Secondary Education.
  • Morgan Santangelo: Attending Youngstown State University for Criminal Justice.
  • Luke Davis: Attending college.
  • Joshua Cain: Attending college and getting a degree in computer science.
  • Maria DiLallo: Attending Kent State Salem for a BSN and masters in FNP.
  • Ivy Withers: Attending Westminster College for History and Secondary Education.
  • Shantel Springer: Attending California University of Pennsylvania for forensics.
  • Patrick Beight: Wants to be a lineman for Ohio Edison.
  • Dylan Jordan: Attending Youngstown State University.
  • Cassidi Cline: Attending Eastern Gateway Community College to get her associates, then go elsewhere for her bachelor’s.
  • Laurel Blakeman: Attending Youngstown State for nursing.
  • Haley Lamorticella: Attending Geneva College to continue academics and athletics.
  • Rebecca Goterba: Attending Youngstown State for nursing.
  • Elizabeth Uhrain: Attending Youngstown State University.
  • Adam VanTassel: Attending Youngstown State University for nursing.
  • Anthony Verterano: Entering the Air Force Reserve then attend the University of Akron
  • Morgan Colwell: I plans on doing photography.
  • Jack Angelo: Attending Youngstown State University.
  • Katelynn Sluka: Attending Youngstown State University.
  • Natalie Babinec: Attending Youngstown State University.
  • Morgan Bender: Attending a cosmetology school.
  • Cole Sexton: Attending Youngstown State University for Chemical Engineering.
  • Kacey Cusick: Plans on getting her STNA and then joining the army.
  • Kaylee Ball:  Attending PTC for Surgical Technician.
  • Themelis Arvanitidis: Attending Kent Salem for nursing.
  • Jacob Brothers: Attending Youngstown State University of Electrical Engineering.
  • Jessica Swartz: Attending Youngstown State University for business and graphic design.
  • Anthony Siciliono: Attending Slippery Rock for Biology.
  • Garrett Doran: Attending Youngstown State University for mechanical engineering.
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