Seniors: Advice to the Underclassman

Brianna Phillips

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  • Julie Keltz: Don’t stress too much. Everything will fall into place just enjoy your high school years. Make sure everything falls into place but, not you GPA.
  • Cassandra Bacon: Do not stress over the small things. Yes school is important, but no, one bad grade is not the end of the world. Life moves on with or without you, enjoy it as you go even if you’re having a bad day.
  • Braden Phillips: Enjoy your time, it goes faster than you think.
  • Morgan Santangelo: Have fun, don’t be too serious.
  • Luke Davis: Be a goofball, it’s more fun.
  • Joshua Cain: Stay true to yourself.
  • Maria DiLallo: Don’t give teachers a hard time, trust me they can give you an even harder one.
  • Ivy Withers: Enjoy every moment of high school, four years goes by faster than you think.
  • Shantel Springer: Good luck!
  • Patrick Beight: Keep chugging along.
  • Dylan Jordan: Do not be lazy.
  • Cassidi Cline: Don’t mess around and get bad grades this is your future, not an alphabet test.
  • Laurel Blakeman: Study for everything.
  • Adam VanTassel: Always bring headphones, music will always be there for you.
  • Anthony Verterano: Have fun and don’t blink, it goes by fast.
  • Morgan Collwell: If you don’t know how to do your homework google it.
  • Jack Angelo: Don’t fool around in the old choir room you’ll get caught.
  • Katelynn Sluka: If you can’t figure out your homework it has to be online somewhere.
  • Natalie Babinec: Study, it actually pays off.
  • Morgan Bender: Always bring headphones.
  • Cole Sexton: Try, a little effort goes a long way.
  • Kacey Cusick: Push through senior year goes fast.
  • Kaylee Ball: Always do your homework it actually helps your grade.
  • Themelis Arvanitidis: Bring a pen for English.
  • Jacob Brothers: Make teachers laugh, you’ll usually get a better grade.
  • Jessica Swartz: Don’t be a jerk and do what needs to be done.
  • Anthony Siciliono: Have fun and stop taking things so serious.
  • Garrett Doran: Keep pushing through even when it gets hard.
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