Seniors: What have you learned at SHS that you will take with you?

Jordan McCusker

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  • Cassandra Bacon: I’ve learned how to please teachers and do things their way, even if they’re wrong or I disagree
  • Morgan Santangelo: That there are bigger and better things to still be experienced
  • Ivy Withers: I have learned that the most important thing is to keep moving forward even when things feel like they’re falling apart.
  • Shantel Springer: I learned to stay in school and I’m taking my patience with me.
  • Pat Beight: The ability to adjust and make friends.
  • Cassidi Cline: Manage time to think ahead. Make time for everything.
  • Adam Vantassel: There’s just some people in this world who deserve your respect, but not your friendship and I’ll leave it at that.
  • Anthony Vertano: That you need to have fun no matter what you’re doing or where you’re at.
  • Morgan Colwell: I learned not to care what others say and also to pay attention in class
  • Jack Angelo: All the pointless facts I know
  • Katelynn Sluka: I’ve learned to not care what others think about you because their opinions don’t matter
  • Natalie Babinec: Not to care what other people think of you
  • Morgan Bender: In the long run, high school wasn’t that bad
  • Cole Sexton: I’ve learned that nobody can use a hallway and that it requires a lot of patience to get from class to class.
  • Kaylee Ball: Always take notes
  • Jacob Brothers: I have learned that you never grow up, you’re just a child trapped in an adults body. I have seen this to be true in many of our teachers with how they teach. They put a lot of passion into what they love and make us love it by having fun with  the activities we do and such. Overall, just have as much fun as you can while not crossing the line and maintaining grades
  • Garrett Doran: To be sure that no matter how hard it can get, you’ll always find a way through
  • Luke Davis: Common sense and don’t mess with Slopek.
  • Dylan Jordan: Never start late, start early.
  • Joshua Cain: I have learned to be respectful, kind, and everything dealing with my classes. I will take everything with me and grow to be the best me possible.
  • Haley LaMorticella: I learned respect. Springfield taught me ways to be a leader, to give all that I got, to be the best that I can be in the classroom. On the field, court, and track I have pride going into my games and enjoying every moment I have because it doesn’t last forever
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