Seniors: Which underclassmen would you adopt?

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  • Cassandra Bacon: If I  could adopt an underclassmen it would have to be Maddie West, she’s so sweet and makes me laugh constantly.
  • Braden Phillips: Ethan Isaacson
  • Morgan Santangelo: My brother, to show him around
  • Joshua Cain:  I would not want to adopt anyone because I am not ready for that kind of responsibility right now.
  • Maria DiLallo: No one
  • Ivy Withers: I would adopt Kate Folkenroth because I’m always going to need help with math.
  • Shantel Springer: Johnny Slike
  • Pat Beight: Michael Wagner, he’s a cool kid.
  • Dylan Jordan: Brady Brungard because he is like a little kid.
  • Cassidi Cline: No one, I’m  not compatible with children, even when I want to be.
  • Laurel Blakeman: Maren Abbitista because she’s my bestie and she has to come to college with me.
  • Adam Vantassel: No one… That seems weird
  • Anthony Verterano: JT Sandrock because he’s a wildin’ kid. 
  • Morgan Colwell: I would not adopt any of them because they’re all rude and annoying.
  • Jack Angelo: None
  • Katelynn Sluka: None because they’re all loud and obnoxious. 
  • Morgan Bender: Nate Laboy
  • Cole Sexton: Sean Mckim, because that kid is great
  • Kaylee Ball: Harley Shoemaker: 
  • Themelis A: None
  • Jacob Brothers: I’d adopt Marlie Applegarth because she’s really smart with straight A’s and I’d have her do all my homework.
  • Kacey C: I would adopt Autumn Ridzon because she’s already like a little sister to me.
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