Seniors: What is your favorite SHS memory?

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  • Cassandra Bacon: My favorite man is all of the wonderful, excitement filled softball seasons with some of my close friends. 
  • Braden Phillips: Getting sworn at by a homeless man in New York. 
  • Morgan Santangelo: Volleyball.
  • Josh Cain: Having fun in band camp with friends. 
  • Maria DiLallo: Any moment spent at Honors or AP history. 
  • Ivy Withers: My favorite memory at springfield is performing “Steel Magnolias” With my friends.
  • Shantel Springer: Commencement. 
  • Pat Beight: 7th Period Multimedia
  • Dylan Jordan: Get my first safety in football. 
  • Cassidi Cline: Back in Elementary School, we’d have Relay for Life parties in the front parking lot while Yazvac blasted music from the roof. Everyone would make the big trucks honk too.
  • Laurel Blakeman: Tractor day
  • Adam Vantassel: I feel like my favorite memory will be leaving. 
  • Anthony Verterano: Bringing my goldfish in for midterms.
  • Morgan Colwell: I have made many memories through my high school years mainly at lunch with my friends.
  • Jack Angelo: Lunch table arguments
  • Katelynn Sluka: In Mr. Shankles class myself along with Jeff Horn, Cole Sexton, and Eric Swansiger seceded from the class and created basically our own union.
  • Natalie Babinec: Meeting all of my best friends and all the memories we made.
  • Morgan Bender: Parties at my house on the last day of school!
  • Cole Sexton: In the 8th grade Mr. Shankles class. Everything from being held in contempt of court to seceding from his class when we all gave up on history.
  • Kacey C: NYC trip
  • Kaylee Ball: New York
  • Themelis A: Lunch table argument
  • Jacob Brothers: Commencement
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