Seniors: Where will you see yourself in 10 years?

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  • Cassandra Bacon: Out of college (hopefully), living life as it comes.
  • Braden Phillips: Teaching music in Florida.
  • Morgan Santangelo: Married with my own house.
  • Luke Davis: My 600 lb Life.
  • Joshua Cain:Hopefully i have a steady job and starting a family.
  • Ivy Withers: In 10 years, I see myself back at Springfield, but teaching instead of being a student.
  • Shantel Springer: Doing my dream job making money.
  • Pat Beight: Working hard for my dollar as a lineman.
  • Dylan Jordan: Married have a few kids and a good job.
  • Laurel Blakeman: Nursing, Married, with kids.
  • Adam Vantassel: Hopefully less stressed, living happy.
  • Anthony Verterano: Working at and owning my own bar ‘n grill on the beach somewhere.
  • Morgan Colwell: Hopefully living in the city and being married and taking pictures for my own business.
  • Jack Angelo: Over in the middle east tearing it up!
  • Katelynn Sluka: In 10 years I hope to be out of college with a stable job, I also hope to be married and possibly have kids, or just a dog.
  • Natalie Babinec: Out of college with a stable job, maybe traveling.
  • Morgan Bender:  Successful and worry free.
  • Cole Sexton: Under a bridge or in a ditch.
  • Kacey C: Either a STNA for Hospice or the Army
  • Kaylee Ball: Live in a big house with my family.
  • Themelis A: Married and working at a Hospital
  • Jacob Brothers: Somewhere south of Ohio with lots of trucks



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