“You” Need to Read This

You is a gripping teen fiction book full of suspense written by Charles Benoit. The book tells the life of a young man by the name of Kyle Chase. He is an average sized sophomore living in midlands. Kyle has anger issues and his grades are not the best in school. In short, Kyle has a lot wrong with him.
Kyle’s groups of friends are part of the “hoodie” clique; they wear dark clothes and hoodies every day. Kyle usually hangs out with his friends after school to drink and smoke. One day a new kid moves into town and changes Kyle’s life hugely. His name is Zack. He is smart, clever, and wears loud shirts. Kyle now has to deal with this strange boy along with all the other messed up things in his life, ranging from love to hate to school to friends. His choices are limited.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fiction stories with rollercoaster suspense. For those who don’t usually like to read, I ask that you give it a shot. It is well worth your time.

By: Beau Oliver

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  1. Beau,
    Thanks for the post. Glad you liked it. If your school has Fall From Grace, you might want to give that one a shot, too. Or not. I have a new one (Cold Calls) coming out in March as well.

    Say hello to your librarians and English teacher for me.


    PS – And a thanks to “anonymous” (aka – my sister, the librarian) who sent me the link.


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