Ambition and Motivation

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In our modern day society, it seems that there are so many distractions and it makes it hard to be motivated or capitalize on ambition. As teenagers, we do what we can to get out of doing work and we procrastinate. We are even creative in ways to not do work, from going to bed early and saying that we’ll do it in the morning or to the classic “five minute break”. Some people may tell you that they don’t procrastinate, but everyone falls victim to it now and then.
Most teenagers that procrastinate do it because they find the work they have to do boring and in some cases mundane. What they fail to see or even ignore is the fact that the displeasure of doing the work is overshadowed by the displeasure that would be caused by failing and driving a potentially bright future into the ground. Doing the work won’t only give you a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when you walk into school and hand in your work, you’ll feel even better when you get into the position to achieve all of your goals in life.
Some people will say that school isn’t for them and therefore they don’t need to worry about school work. School may not be for everyone, but everyone needs to at least try. If you put in the effort required, you will succeed. The main reason people will say school isn’t for them is that they are focusing on becoming a musician or athlete. What they don’t realize is that a very small minority of people who try actually make it in these fields. Even the people who do make it need backup plans. Most athletes burn through their money after they retire and then they wish they would have tried harder in school because it would have made their lives easier. After they retire, they usually don’t have the qualifications to get decent jobs and are stuck taking shameful endorsement deals that can end up ruining their name or working the same jobs as the average high school dropout.
The message here is plain and simple: Try. Don’t take my word for it; do it yourself. If you put in the effort required, and some people will need to put in more work than others, you will succeed and achieve whatever goals you set your eyes on. Don’t get distracted by the everyday things like what kind of trouble Justin Bieber is getting into, or who got drafted to what sports team. Those things don’t affect you so you shouldn’t pay attention to them. Pick a goal you want to achieve and go for it. This applies to everything in life, and your life will be better for it.

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