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The day is finally upon the hungry bellies that populate America. That’s right; Taco Bell is now serving breakfast. No more 9AM quarrels about if it’s really worth it to have that same Nacho Supreme you dined upon last night for your morning mealtime as well. Beginning March 27th, you will finally be able to satisfy those breakfast/Mexican food cravings you’ve had to deal with all of your life.

You can’t spell Cinnabon Delight without… well… “delight”.

Starting with 6 products including drip coffee, Taco Bell hopes to gain a foothold in the fast-food chains’ increasingly popular breakfast menus. McDonald’s in particular points out that roughly 20% of their profit can be attributed to breakfast sales. Mmmmm, Egg McMuffins.

There’s Burritos… But then there’s BREAKFAST BURRITOS.

(note: that doesn’t mean your stomach will thank you later)
In order to be competitive, Taco Bell plans to extend its breakfast serving-time period to 11AM, a half an hour past McDonald’s. (Yeah take that McMuffins! Oh, wait, where are you going? I’m sorry, please come back, I didn’t mean it!) According to their “data”, the popular cliental of Taco Bell consists of young adults, ages 18-28. Taking this into consideration, they feel that the extended time will bring in extra business, due to the idea that most customers of Taco Bell aren’t out of bed in time to meet the 10:30AM time provided by McDonald’s. According to, “Taco Bell enters the crowded fast-food breakfast field with food items designed to appeal to its fan base of young dudes.”

A.M. Crunchwraps. Cooler than a Tony Hawk belt.

Featured items on the new breakfast menu include the following: Cinnabon Delights, Waffle Taco, Breakfast Burrito, AM Crunchwrap, and the AM Grilled Taco. More choices and variety will be added in the near future depending on the relative success of the current products. No nutritional information has been provided as of yet.

In closing, in a few short weeks, no longer will you have to choose between your favorite, delicious breakfast food, and mouth-watering Mexican cuisine. In no time at all, you’ll have the long-desired luxury of having the lesser of both at once!

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