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Kidnap: Not Much of a Thrilling Roller Coaster Ride

Actress Halle Berry’s new movie, Kidnap (2017), was just released in August. Berry portrays a mother, Karla, whose son, Frankie (Sage Correa), was taken by two kidnappers while they were enjoying a day at the park. Karla sees the kidnappers drive away and attempts to follow them in her mini van. For the remainder of the movie, she continues looking for her son and focuses on bringing him back to safety. Overall, this movie was very repetitive and predictable, lacking a lot of plot twists and excitement.

Though the movie was not the best, it did have some positive aspects. For example, Kidnap had good casting. Casting Berry for this role was a good decision. She portrays the scared and determined mother very accurately. She adds a lot of emotion to this movie, which is seen as the mother is searching frantically for her son’s kidnappers and her relief when she sees the kidnapper’s car. Berry made a great female protagonist.

Another positive aspect of Kidnap is the action and excitement of the beginning and end of the movie. In the beginning, the little boy, Frankie is kidnapped, and the viewer is drawn in. This is probably the most exciting part of the movie. The end of the movie also provided the viewer some excitement with a plot twist when a few more characters and conflicts were added into the story.

One negative of Kidnap is its lack of originality. The whole plot is focused on someone following a car trying to save a child. There is another movie that has the same plot with some variations that came out in 2012, called, Amber Alert. In this movie, a group friends end up following a car when they recognized it from the Amber Alert. If you’ve watched both movies, you will notice huge similarities in the plot. Kidnap also didn’t carry out the same excitement and intensity into the middle of the movie that was seen in the beginning and end of the movie. The beginning was attention-grabbing because this is when Frankie was kidnapped and in the end there were some new elements added in that made that part more exciting. In the middle, however, the plot seems to get boring and repetitive. Karla drives and searches for her son’s kidnappers. Then she drives, drives, and drives some more, until the end of the movie finally comes and something different happens.

Another negative of Kidnap is its failure to make the viewer connect with it and connect with the characters. It was uninteresting and drab in a lot of parts. The movie did not create a feeling of connection with the characters and what they were going through.

Also, this movie only told the story through one person’s view. Most of the movie focused on Karla and not on Frankie or anyone else, so the only characterization we see in the movie is that of this protective mother. In the beginning of the movie, we see that Karla is a hard-working, single mother. Throughout the film we see her character develop more. We see that she is strong-willed and won’t give up on saving who she loves most, Frankie. Though the portrayal of her is good, the viewers still weren’t provided with a strong attachment to her character and weren’t able to connect to any other characters because they weren’t developed as much as Karla. This made the movie boring and uninteresting.

Though there were a few elements of this film that were able to make it more interesting. This includes the soundtrack. The soundtrack of Kidnap added to the excitement of the action-packed sections, such as when Karla first realized that her son was being kidnapped. It creates a suspenseful feeling and a sense of longing to know what is about to happen. This enhanced the movie, but it still needed more than just the excitement of a few scenes.

On a scale from 1-5, Kidnap is a one. I would not choose to watch this film again and recommend that you only see this movie if you are a fan of Halle Berry and her previous movies such as, The Call. This movie’s genre is labeled as “thriller.” However, I didn’t find it very thrilling or exciting. If you are looking for an adventurous movie that is original and captivating, Kidnap is not the way to go.

Superbad Not Bad At All!

The comedy Superbad (2007) is about the typical high school kids trying to make it big and be the life of the party. It easily ranks as one of the best comedies of the 2000’s. The plot is based on  kids in high school that aren’t exactly the most popular who are trying to breakout before senior year is over. It involves Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) on the journey to get alcohol Jonah’s high school crush’s party. Jonah has been trying to date this girl since freshman year. He believes that if he can impress her that this could be his chance to date her before everyone goes away to college. It’s set up for a possible add on to the series but we haven’t seen any evidence of that yet.

The movie has created the perfect pair of comedians. Jonah Hill really does a good job as the fed up high school student that’s determined on getting his girl. While he includes his witty puns and his smart remarks towards Michael and Mclovin. Cera is perfect for the role with his awkward but humorous vibe he gives off in the movie. Also another major role in the movie is Mclovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). He is one of Ceras close friends while Hill despises him. He is also going to be Ceras roommate in college.

The film has many positives. The director Greg Mottola really nailed it when it came to deciding who their actors were going to be. Cera and Hill are a combo that is unmatched in the film industry. Since this film came out there hasn’t really been any movies that were quite like this one except Project X. Project X was based about a kid who has the house to himself for his birthday and he throws a party of the century. The only comedy duo that may excel them is Seth Rogan and James Franco. We only get to see very little of Seth Rogen in this film though, sadly.

This film is honestly one of my personal favorites. It really hits spot on with the scene and the time period. This movie screams 2000’s. It really comes from the references and appearances of early Internet and Smartphones. I feel like the Early 2000’s were perfect for kids to grow up in because you could still have fun because there was a lack of surveillance and the early internet age and it just mixed so perfectly and this is portrayed well in the film. I would have to rate the movie as a 9.5/10 and I would highly recommend it to my peers.

The film in itself is a hands down amazing film. Although its amazing, its not a perfect film. Some of my problems with the movie is the lack of a set up to the story. When you begin watching the movie you just are kind of thrown into the scenario of these two kids about to graduate high school that are invited to a party and need alcohol. There’s very little background about the characters and their life before.

Another negative takeaway from this film has to be the lack of character development. Due to the fact this is a comedy it’s understandable that there is not much character development. There was a slight bit of development with the Mclovin character after he began hanging out with the cops in the film, showing him becoming more “rebellious.”

The suburban town was also portrayed very well.  They picked a good place and honestly it made me feel a little bit like I was walking around in suburbs in my area.  They also portrayed the secondary characters well too. The extras walking down the road fit the scene and time period well.

The text and language they used in the movie was spot on too. The slang they used when just talking was accurate. I laughed because there were multiple occasions when they were saying “LOL.” Then they also would just be talking about the same hot topics of the time period and joking about it. Overall, they nailed the text and language.

All in all,  this movie is just about perfect. They did a perfect job relaying the time period in the movie, and also did well with tying in the typical teenage party. This movie is full of good laughs and it will go down as one of the best movies of all time.  I’m going to rate it a 9.5/10, the title is “Superbad” but it ain’t bad at all.

A Deeper Look into Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy

Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy was released Thursday, September 28 and it was the perfect season premiere. The show takes place in the hospital known as Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle. The show always includes a song that helps to tie up what is happening in the episode and Rhimes decided to use “Feel It Still” by Portugal, the Man to open up this episode. The episodes “Break Down the House” and “Get Off on the Pain” were both flawlessly written by creator Shonda Rhimes. In the episode titled “Break Down the House” Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and other doctors on the show help Owen’s sister Megan (Abigail Spencer) after she was found being held captive as a refugee in Iraq. Meanwhile Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) is focused on fixing a fourteen year old boy with a tumor in his jaw.

The second episode titled “Get Off on the Pain,” Meredith tries to figure out how to fix Owen’s sister when the first attempt to fix her stomach failed. Meredith then sends the new interns on a search for an idea on how to help. Meanwhile, Amelia finds out a major conflict that she didn’t know existed until now. After work that day Owen makes a bad decision when he decided to talk to his old friend Teddy (Kim Raver).

If there was one thing that could anger viewers is the decisions that Rhimes makes. Rhimes the creator of the show likes to ruin a lot of relationships and lives.  In the show specific characters get hurt by other characters for example Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April’s (Sarah Drew) on again off again relationship is being torn apart by Maggie (Kelly McCreary).

The characters in this show for the most part are either very funny or very serious. Meredith Grey, (Ellen Pompeo,) is the main character who has kids with a man who was her husband but he died in an accident. Meredith has a troubled love life much like her sister-in-law Amelia Shepherd, who has had a terrible past. The characters are somewhat relatable because they are all caught up in drama and they all have crazy love lives. The actors are portrayed very well in the show because the viewer can easily tell what the characters are supposed to behave like and they carry that trait throughout the show exceptionally well.

This show should be something you should clear your schedule at 8 o’clock on Thursday nights to watch. The show is almost like General Hospital in the sense that it takes place in a hospital, but Grey’s Anatomy takes the cake in my opinion because of the acting and drama. Grey’s Anatomy should be rated a 4.5 out of 5 only due to the frustration with some of the relationships of the characters, but overall it is a great show.

Annabelle: The Doll that Changes it All

Annabelle Creation (2017), the second movie in the Annabelle (2014) series is better than the first movie because it has more information, as I will explain later in the review. In this chilling horror film, it tells the story of how this haunted doll became what it is in the first movie. It starts off from the very beginning, before the doll was even made. It is very well written because once you watch this movie the first one makes more sense because it tells the background of the doll. It is a prequel, so the second movie tells the beginning of Annabelle’s story, and the first movie shows what happens after that.  This movie is filled with terrifying scenes that will make you jump.

The main characters in this film are mostly young orphan girls. These girls are the main focus of the doll for the haunting and possession. The main character Janice (Talitha Bateman) does an amazing job of portraying this character. This is a fairly hard part to play. I think this because she is a child, and playing the part of being possessed can’t be easy. The other main character is Linda, played by Lulu Wilson. She has some experience being in other horror movies, such as the film, Ouji, at the young age of eleven.

The ending of this movie is the most important part, and it is the biggest surprise for the viewers.  After watching this movie, you will walk out of the theater with your mind blown. Annabelle Creation will not disappoint, even if you are not a fan of being scared.

Although this movie got many good reviews, it isn’t perfect. There are some parts of this movie that some people might find offensive, such as the language, but that can be overlooked because of how well the story is written. Horror movies aren’t for everyone, and some people don’t like every kind of horror movie. This is not a good movie to see if you are looking for something family friendly. Some of the scenes can be graphic and scary to some people, but those are the qualities of a horror movie. For example, there are graphic killing scenes at multiple times in this film. This movie is definitely not for everyone.

Some of the content can be hard for some people to follow, especially the ending if you did not see the first one. The characterization in this film is quite outstanding because it shows how the characters grow throughout the movie. The whole film shows good examples of development in the plot and in the characters.

This is a very dark, dreary movie, and it is not very relatable to real life because not many people have such extreme supernatural experiences such as the ones in this movie. You don’t hear about many people getting haunted by a demon trying to steal their souls. The portrayal of this, however, is very interesting to the viewer because the plot line is so well written.

Overall, Annabelle Creation is an amazing movie, and I give it a 10/10. It was well written, the plot was exceptional, and the characters and the actors were phenomenal. I encourage people to go see this because it is very interesting and chilling to watch. Once you go see this movie, you will be shocked by the ending, wowed by the actors, and sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time.

American Sniper: The Most Lethal Sniper in U.S History

The movie American Sniper (2014) is an autobiography and it depicts what true acts of courage and bravery are. This film shows only a part of what our soldiers do overseas. Before September 11, 2001 Chris Kyle (the main character) was in High School and he was always getting bullied. As a result of this, Chris’s dad decided to have a talk with him and his younger brother, Jeff. Later on in the movie it shows Chris and his brother as lost rodeo stars going nowhere. That’s when Chris decides he wants to join the U.S Special Forces after seeing the 1998 attacks on the U.S embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.

Chris enlisted in the U.S Navy and easily completed the basic training part. Chris then wanted a harder challenge so he decided to go for the Navy SEALs. The next part in his training was Basic Underwater Demolition Seal (BUDS) training. BUDS is a way for the Navy to pick out the weaker cadets. Training was very difficult and it put Kyle through excruciating pain more often than not. At one point he thought about ringing the bell 3x which would mean you would quit but he did not want to to be bothered by walking over and ringing it, so he stayed with it and passed his training to become part of one of the most elite special forces known as the SEALs.

The film truly highlights what the training is like. People should see this movie because it will give them a better understanding of what it really is like to be in the special forces and even open their eyes to disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or commonly known as PTSD that veterans may get from serving multiple tours and witnessing a traumatic event like Chris.

Chris was assigned to Seal Team 3 which is the Sniper Element Charlie platoon. Chris served in many vital battles like Operation Iraqi Freedom. During his service as a sniper the Iraqis put a $80,000 bounty for his death by the insurgents and they even nicknamed him al-Shaitan Ramadi which translate to “The Devil of Ramadi” in English.

Due to the strong graphics, intense violence, disturbing effects, and vulgar language this movie was rated R. Throughout the movie there were multiple scenes that showcased these qualities. Audience members who may be sensitive to seeing movies such as this should be warned of the fact that there are segments that contain sexual innuendos, soldiers being killed, and children being shot.

My opinion of this movie is that it’s a 8/10. There are countless parts where you are on the edge of your seat and can feel the difficult choices that the main character has to make. The reason for giving this film only an 8/10 is because I feel like the producer could have went more in depth into Chris’s life. Overall, this was a good military movie for those interested in the topic.

Wolf Children: I’d give it a Howling Review

Wolf Children (2012) is a beautiful movie about a mother who has to figure out how to raise her two kids who are half human and half wolf. Hana (Colleen Clinkenbeard) is a college student who one day notices a strange man in her class. After he leaves, Hana chases after him and the two hit it off. The man turns out to be a werewolf (David Matranga) and the two have two kids together. But after the father dies, Hana is left alone to figure out how to raise two wolf children all by herself.

Wolf Children is a Japanese animated movie, better known as an anime. Although this movies appeals to and is suitable for kids, it was clearly targeted at an older audience, focusing on Hana as a single parent. This film doesn’t alleviate things and although it has fantasy elements, those elements don’t create a way for everything to magically be solved. Hana’s husband doesn’t come back to life, her kids stays wolves and they have to learn how to survive in our judgmental society.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about this film was its atmosphere and nostalgia. Watching this film was breathtaking and created an overall cheerful atmosphere. I first watched this movie with my family in our living room and I remember I couldn’t stop smiling. The way Hana took care of her kids had reminded me of a lot of times my sister and I had spent as a kid and it was nice reliving those memories.

Another thing I enjoyed about the movie was the animation. The colors are very vibrant and the animation is very fluid. Grass bends in the wind like it’s alive as well as the people’s hair. Humans have simplistic designs but have very expressive emotions and you can tell a lot of times how someone feels even if they don’t say anything. Everything feels so alive even though all the animation is hand drawn and that adds to the overall atmosphere of the film.

Although this a wonderful movie, everything has it’s faults and flaws and this is no exception. One thing about the movie is that it has a narrator but the narrator is Hana’s daughter Yuki and not Hana. Although it is interesting to hear her daughter narrate her life, it felt a bit out of place and it would have been nice to hear Hana tell her own story. Another thing that isn’t that great is that we don’t get a lot of backstory on Hana’s husband. There are a few questions at the end I had that never got answered.

Hana’s two children, Yuki and Ame (Jad saxton and Micah Solusod)  are just like any other kids, full of energy, constantly making messes, chewing on furniture and other things. As they grow older they become more aware of their circumstances, they are at one point asked a difficult question. “If you could only be one, would you be a human or a wolf?” This is a journey for both kids as they discover who they are and the path that each chooses is surprising.

Honestly, I think this is a very beautiful film that almost anyone could enjoy. The negatives I had with this film were nitpicky, and I wish I could see this film for the first time all over again. I would give this film a 4.8 out of 5 for it’s spectacular animation, loveable characters and endearing story and recommend it for any family night. The movie isn’t perfect but to me it came very close and I feel a 4 out of 5 doesn’t give it justice.

Get Out Will Have You Drawn In

The movie Get Out took theaters on February of 2017 and will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. This mystery/thriller revolves around the relationship of an African American Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams). They finally are in the stage of their relationship where Chris is ready to meet her parents. So Rose decides to bring Chris on a weekend visit to the parents’ house in the middle of the woods. When Rose and Chris first arrive the parents seem welcoming but something seems a little off. As the days progress and Chris starts meeting more people and seeing odd occurrences. He knows something isn’t right and he finds himself in a life threatening situation.

This movie is very thought out and attention grabbing. It includes humor, suspense, horror and mystery all in one. The director, Jordan Peele, did an outstanding job on incorporating all of these emotions into the movie. Since it is a horror/thriller film Peele did a good job on involving humor but not over doing it to the point that it is cheesy. One way Peele incorporated humor was through Chris’s best friend, Rod. Lil Rel Howery plays the part of Rod Williams who is Chris best friend, and he is where most of the humor comes from. Whenever Chris would find something suspicious or notice something weird, he would call Rod and he would have something funny to say to lighten the mood.

This film has a very thought out storyline and the actors portray their parts very well. This storyline is nothing comparable to any other movie due to the odd parts. And the actors portray these odd parts very well. For example Rose’s’ mom does hypnosis on people and she hypnotizes Chris (against his will) to get into what the parents call a “sunken place.” The “sunken place” is when Chris is so deeply hypnotized that he cannot move at all but still can see/know everything that is going on.  So this means that they can do or say whatever to Chris and he can still feel, see and know everything that is happening but cannot do anything about it. When Chris got put into hypnosis, or the sunken place, he kept a straight face that was filled with fear while he had tears streaming out of his eyes and down his face. This captivates the audience and makes the audience feel as if they too are in the sunken place and can’t seem to move either.

Towards the end of the movie there is an unexpected plot twist that changes the mood of the whole film. This plot twist will take the audience by surprise and have them on the edge of their seat. Chris found himself snooping around and found some disturbing items that caused him to want to leave. And just when he thought nothing else could go wrong, the plot twist comes in which changes everything and answers a lot of his questions.

Even though this film is a good movie for the most part, it could potentially be racist and/or offensive to African American or people in an interracial relationship. It focuses on Rose and Chris’ relationship and how uncomfortable Chris feels around Roses’ parents. They also poke fun at and make some racial comments towards Chris. For example a white female asks to feel his hair and muscles, and ask him if he is really fast or strong.

The cinematographer of Get Out was Toby Oliver, who did a phenomenal job capturing Jordan Peele’s ideas perfectly. Within the movie a big concept is how Rose’s mom does hypnotism and gets in a “sunken place.” Oliver does a very good job captivating the audience watching and making them feel like they too are in the “sunken place”.

Overall Get Out is a phenomenally filmed, well thought out movie. The characters were excellent and displayed perfectly, and the actors that played those characters were perfect for the part. All around it is a good movie and a must see, if you are into a thriller/horror type of film. I would highly recommend this film and rate it a 5 out of 5

Stephen King: It Will Have You Floating Too

It was one of the most anticipated movies to come out recently. Whether you’ve seen the movie It (2017) or not it seems as though everybody can recognize the familiar red hair and sharp tooth grin that is displayed on the clown Pennywise’s (Bill Skarsgård) face. The all famous Stephen King movie directed by Andy Muschietti has the viewer on the edge of their seat throughout the entire length of the film. The story is set in a little town of Derry, Maine. When friends of students start to disappear, they become anxious as to what is happening to them. One brave group of friends in particular decides that they are going to find out what’s been happening around town. For Billy (Jaeden Lieberher), one of the group’s members and a main character, it all hits him when his brother goes missing, and from there on he knows he has to find out what really happened as he brings the audience with him.

The first film was originally produced in 1990 which included actors such as Tim Curry, Seth Green, Annette O’Toole and Richard Thomas. For any horror loving fanatic this film was a must see. The new rendition of the film that came out this September 2017 had included many of the old scenes and happening; however, this film took the horror to a new level making the effects more modernized to give off more of a frightening feel. This is seen during parts such as when Georgie’s arm is bitten off; it is much more gory than in the first movie. This movie had the viewers wondering what would happen next with every turn the group of students made. Skarsgård was easily able to off the devilish grin that Pennywise is known for. It was spectacular, seeing the smile rise to his face, which sent chills down the audience’s spines.

For anyone seeing this film, whether they have seen the first It or not, they will leave the theatre wanting to see more of Pennywise the dancing clown. The lead characters playing the group of children acted out their parts throughout the film perfectly. They provided much emotion that put the audience in their shoes experiencing the fear of Pennywise.

Although this well-known movie It was a huge hit over this past months, there still were some downsides to this film. Many people go in expecting to come out terrified and afraid to sleep at night. I went into the movie theatre to see It expecting to come back out being really afraid like I have with past movies that I have recently watched; however, I found myself laughing at some parts instead. Some of the scarier movies I have seen include Annabelle, The Conjuring, and Insidious, It was quite the opposite. I believe it should have been scarier for the simple fact that it was rated R.

In this film the characters were portrayed in a unique way, and they added little touches to each one to make them really bring the film to life. Two of the characters Richie (Finn Wolfhard) and Eddie (Jack Dylan Grazer) swore quite a bit throughout the film which gave some people in the audience laughs and also made it more modern to some of the kids who swear nowadays. In the movie, Billy’s friend and crush Beverly (Sophia Lillis) was going through some family and home issues with her father that could sadly and very likely affect children across the world and was very relatable.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Marvel Sequel is Out of this World

James Gunn does it again with the highly successful premiere of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” The director of over 20 years does an excellent job of writing and directing this sequel to his first “Guardians of the Galaxy” film. Star-studded with actors including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, and even Sylvester Stallone, there’s no way this movie could be bad right?

In the film, leader of the Guardians Peter Quill, also known as Star Lord (Chris Pratt), journeys with his team to find his true family roots, making new allies and new enemies along the way. Their new journey leads them to find many new things, including a new villain, who they must conquer to try and save the galaxy…again.

Now there’s a ton of reasons why this movie turned out so well, but one of the biggest has to be the comedic relief of it all. While the movie is an action movie about saving the galaxy from certain doom, it’s probably one of the funniest superhero movies you’ll see this year. From ongoing jokes in the first movie like “I am Groot” being the only thing Groot (Vin Diesel) ever says, to the many new jokes in this movie, like any conversation held between Drax (Dave Bautista) and Mantis (Pom Klementieff).

It also helps that the movie is a feat of visual mastery, The CGI effects in the movie are absolutely stunning, making space travel and colorful alien creatures and planets look almost believably realistic. Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Groot both are great examples of the extremely good effects, being that they are a talking raccoon and a talking tree.

Now while the film was essentially a good film, nothing is ever perfect. No sequel is ever as good as the original movie, though some may come close. It all depends on the story line and in some points the story seems repetitive, someone tries to take over the galaxy, there’s a battle, and then at the last possible moment the heroes save the day, all done with a comedic edge. It’s cliche but sometimes that’s just how the story goes.

With so many different main characters in the movie, the story may be sometimes hard to follow. At one point all of the characters became separated and involved in their own storylines. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it may be confusing to some audiences viewing the film who have trouble keeping up with what’s going on with who and how it effects the main plot of the movie.

With the amazing special effects and CGI in this movie to make this space action adventure story the most realistic looking as possible, it’s hard to imagine it being relatable to your actual life on earth, though it’s not as impossible as it seems. Throughout the movie multiple characters go through many problems everyday people have. Gamora (Zoe Saldana) struggles with sister issues throughout the first and most of the second movie, while Star Lord deals with father issues throughout the whole entire movie. Pair that with the awkward unspoken chemistry between Gamora and Star Lord and you get all kinds of relatable scenarios for an audience to empathize with.

Overall, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is an insanely compelling movie with loveable characters and a well thought out plot. The actors in the movie played their parts extremely well and the visual effects tied the whole thing together. Overall, I would rate this movie a definite 4.5/5.

Pregnancy Project by Gaby Rodriguez Review

The book The Pregnancy Project by Gaby Rodriguez is a positive book to read because it teaches readers lessons on stereotypes and discrimination of teen pregnancies. The main character, Gaby,  is the daughter, sister, and sister in law of teen mothers. With this family tradition everyone expected Gaby to follow in these footsteps and become a teen mother as well. Unlike the rest of Gaby’s family, she was involved in honors classes, sports and other extracurricular activities. During Gaby’s senior year of high school each student had to come up with a independent, year long project. After a long time of trying to come up with a project, she thought of the perfect idea,she decided to fake her own pregnancy. Throughout the entire project Gaby stayed strong and didn’t let the rumors or rude comments get to her.

People should read this book to see what teen mothers go through and learn the stereotypes and discriminations against teen moms. Also, this book teaches how to stay strong during hardships.

A negative about the book could be that it could be taken offensively to teen mothers. Actual teen moms don’t have the option to say what they are going through is fake and have everything turn back to normal, so teen mothers have the potential to think their futures are over by having a child as judged by the reactions in this book.

I would give this book a 5/5. Because it was a very interesting book that keeps you on the edge of your seat and you don’t want to put down until the end.

“Is Zootopia the Place for You?”

The movie Zootopia (2016) is an exciting movie for all ages.  This movie pulls you in within the first few moments.  Judy Hopps, played by Gennifer Goodwin, begins her life as a carrot farmer.   She then moves to Zootopia to fulfill her dream job as a cop but it is harder than she thought it would be.  At first, her job was watching parking meters and giving tickets. She then hears about a big case that is going on and she takes over. She meets Nick (Jason Bateman), a fox who she thought was a suspect but he ends up helping her. Nick and Judy run into many problems in order to solve the case. In the end, Judy and Nick save the animal and solve the case. Nick becomes a cop and Judy gets to do other things instead of watching parking meters and giving out tickets. I feel this is a great movie for everyone to see. I’ve watched it many times and each time see something new.

The characters are a big part of the plot.The other supporting characters are, Officer Claw Hauser (Nate Torrence) and Mayor Lionheart ( J.K. Simmons). Officer Hauser is a cheetah. He runs the police office and controls the phone system and isn’t really good at his job. The animals makes the movie more intense and funny, and helps with delivering a clear message from the writer. Zootopia is a very positive movie that supports following one’s dreams.

There are some negative aspects about the movie.  First, the previews made Zootopia seem like the story took place in a big city, yet most of the action took place in exotic places like the Arctic and a rain forest.  Another negative is there is a lot of violence and fighting for an animated film. There is animal cruelty and a lot of verbal attacks. The rating should have been  PG and not G.  I think children under the age of 7 shouldn’t watch the movie. Also, other characters should have been featured more. For example, Captain Claw Hauser, should have had a bigger role.  

The positives definitely outweigh the negatives in this movie and this makes it an overall great flick.  I would rate the movie a ten out of ten. It is even appealing to teens.  

Swinter fun!

Being trapped inside all of winter can be dreadful and dreary, especially after the holidays. Having winter outdoor hobbies can be a lot of fun and it will also be the exercise we all want that we can’t have because it’s not spring quite yet. There is the original outdoor activities during winter like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and building snowmen. One problem that may come about is what if it doesn’t snow? The weather lately hasn’t been exactly winter-like, and it has felt a lot like spring. After being cooped up in the house all winter everyone is waiting to just get outside to have some fun.
If you’re looking for fun outdoor activites but just don’t know where to go or look there is a website called They can locate parks or forest near you by what activities you would like to do and what type of site you are interested in visiting. They have almost every activity you can imagine. It’s the perfect way to reconnect with friends and family in the heart of nature with no distractions and beautiful scenery.
Not only does doing outdoor activities give you the exercise you need, it’s also beneficial to your mental health. Sometimes being away from the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life with no cell phone service can clear your mind. A lot of people are able to rejuvenate and come back from their trip like a brand new person. It allows you to think and become more calm and collected with your thoughts.
Think about making your next little vacation a visit with nature. I’m sure you will be surprised about how beautiful and relaxing walking through trails and being active outdoors can be.