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New Opportunities in the Math World

We have a new math teacher at Springfield High School this year, Mrs. Sarah Brooke.  This is her first year teaching at SLHS; however, this is not Brooke’s first teaching job. Previously she worked at Cardinal Mooney for five years as an Algebra and Geometry teacher.   

Previously, Mrs. Brooke also worked in advertising studying TV and radio rating trends. She loves finding different ways to solve problems, and she started teaching math because she realized it was her passion and her way of helping more.  

Mrs.Brooke is married with three kids, a five year old boy, three year old girl and a two year old boy. Brooke has a very busy life with her three children and teaching five days a week.  She previously lived in Florida. The students and staff are happy to now call Mrs. Brooke an SHS Tiger.

When asked how math has impacted her life she said, “It has allowed me to reach students and help them to be successful.”  Brooke is very kind and a very nice teacher; she always tries to help her students reach their fullest potential.  When asked why she thinks algebra and math in general is an important subject to teach. Her response was, “At the very least it teaches you to think critically.”  Brooke never really had a love for math until she saw it as a way to help kids and students in the world.   

Two Sentence Scary Stories

To get in the Halloween spirit, the Springfield High School publication students wrote two sentence horror stories and here they are…

I’m lost in the woods at night, and I feel like I’m being watched. I run blindly, and the crackle of leaves behind me, growing closer and closer, confirm my fear that I’m not alone. –Marlie Applegarth

It was getting dark as I walked along the narrow dirt road by the cornfields with my dog, distracted by admiring the chilling dark outline of the scarecrow standing near the edge of the field, almost as if it were watching me. I continued walking until I got home and the next morning I took my dog out for a walk again by the same cornfields, there was no scarecrow.-Natalie Babinec

It says open your eyes and look into its eyes so you do it. Before you knew it, you couldn’t move or breathe, and you felt as if you were turned to stone, then everything went black. –Victoria Blakeman

I had a dream that I had got stabbed by a man in a hoodie last week. I look down to see a knife, and I can hear it breathing under my bed. –Eric Cameron

I was driving past a cemetery when suddenly something ran in front of me. Later I found of it was my great grandfather, he is dead.  –Ellie Centofanti

One night I woke up at to a loud crash in the basement and what sounded like someone yelling but the messed up thing was that I was home alone. Then it got louder and I knew the end was near.   –Tim Chadwick

I looked into the mirror and saw a deformed apparition. I immediately looked away and when i’d looked back I realized I had been looking at myself all along. –Morgan Colwell

Walking down the steps, I trip and fall and I wake up to no noise at all.  Sleeping is peaceful, when you’re in a casket. –Cheyenne Heffner

Nobody knew what happened to that kid or where he disappeared to. I didn’t either until I realized that the kid was me. –Mariah Johnson

I can’t tell if I’m dreaming or not because it’s really dark in my room.  I feel like I kept waking up every five minutes and seeing these red eyes in my closet behind my clothes, so I’ll just stay put in my bed. –Haley LaMorticella

He was running at me full-speed, and I couldn’t get away. When I looked down, there was blood on my hands. –Camy Mannion

I live alone in the woods far from civilization. There was a knock on my window. –Jarrett Orbin

My little brother always told me how he loved the sound of voices tucking him in at night. I go in his room to say goodnight one time but did not hear a single thing but my own breath.  –Morgan Santangelo

I got used to the scratches on the door when I had my dogs. But now that they have passed away, why do more and more keep appearing not only on the doors, but everywhere. –Morgan Santangelo

My mother had always taught me to see the best in people. So I did just that, until people didn’t start to appear anymore.  –Morgan Santangelo

I began tapping on the window of my one person apartment to the beat of the song I was listening too. I never expected to hear a knocking back. –Zach Swantek

The girl in the mirror was staring back at me. She was smiling, but I wasn’t. –Emily Yasechko

I woke up and started brushing my hair in the mirror. But my reflection was doing something else. –Nicole Yasechko

I took my phone and looked at my grades online. I screamed. –Nicole Yasechko

“Darling, what’s the matter?” she asked. “I saw that woman was bothering you again, so I made sure she’d never come back hehe.” –Jordan McCusker

I looked in the mirror, staring at my reflection. To my concern, my reflection wasn’t staring back, but instead pointing to the closet I thought I had closed. –Brianna Phillips

I woke in the middle of the night to the sound of the TV playing in the basement. We don’t have a TV in the basement. –Anthony Verterano

Parking Passes: Are They Necessary?

Every year the students intending to drive to school have to fill out a form to receive a parking pass for the year. The students are always informed that this is necessary if they want this privilege and will have to use the parking pass throughout the year. The school’s resource Lieutenant Fellows distributes the passes to each student.  

Everyone receives a small plastic tag which you hang on your mirror. This tag states the school and also a number at the bottom.  Students and faculty alike are required to have a parking pass. Everyone in the school has become accustom to receiving one at the beginning of the year when driving and using the parking lot at the school. However, many people wonder why these little tags are necessary?

A few years back these passes were not needed. When asked about this topic, Lieutenant Fellows stated, “It is just to make sure the students are safe and that people without the passes cannot just come in. They help to show which student’s car is which with the little numbers at the bottom, and they can trace the car back to the student.”

Until now it’s never been specifically explained as to why the students need the passes, after speaking with Officer Fellows, it is now clear that they are necessary in order to keep all students and cars safe.

More Than Just a Game Springfield Hosts Thirds Meet and Greet

On Friday, September 15, 2017, before the Tiger’s home varsity game against Jackson Milton, Mr. DeFelice announced that there will be a meet and greet for any student’s parents who would like to personally meet the faculty. Mr. DeFelice had come to the realization that it would improve the relationships between parents and faculty of Springfield Local High School. Through this event, parents had the opportunity to learn more about their student’s teachers. This meet and greet served as a social event, not only for the parents, but for the students as well.  The students got to meet the teachers outside of school while their parents had the opportunity to win prizes.

Prior to the football game, there were raffles and games for anyone to enjoy.  Throughout the school week prior to the meet and greet, teachers handed out blue tickets to their students. For example, any student who completed their homework on time or exceeded expectations in the classroom could receive a ticket. Students were to then pass on this blue ticket to their parent or guardian so they may qualify to possibly win a prize such as a Springfield Local High School t-shirt or a specialized cup.

The tickets were a fun way for kids to perform well in the classroom and they acted as an incentive for both parents and students to attend the game on Friday and meet their teachers before hand. Springfield Locals’ guidance counselor, Mr. Hogg, stated that he, “Hoped for a good turnout for this.” When interviewed about how many people showed up Hogg commented “I have no clue.” When asked, DeFelice stated that “about 35-40 parents showed up and that hopefully it will carry on to next year. He believed that letting the kids know during the school day made for a better turnout.”  It was an all around ecstatic atmosphere for everyone who participated in this event.

Theater with a New Lead-er

As the Drama Club of Springfield Local High school undergoes new advisement for the upcoming show in March, Springfield newcomer Mr. Joshua Senn has now been handed the ropes as lead director. With the new change in leadership, some questions were raised about the club and the new director and the changes that will ensue with the change in command.

The cause of the change in leadership happened very suddenly and with little warning. Fortunately for Springfield and the future of drama club, Senn stepped up stating that; “It’s going to be a great new step for the drama program.”

Senn attended Ohio State University for his undergraduate education. While in high school, he participated in multiple drama productions. He also worked as assistant director alongside previous drama director Jeff Cornfield for plays such as Winnie the Pooh and Mash. Senn has shown his love for the theater on multiple occasions whether it be his own participation in stage in productions or aiding in putting them on. As the path for drama club opens up, so does the variety of plays that can be offered. Senn plans on putting on at least one musical per season of drama.  As far as this year goes, a musical is already scheduled for production. No titles for the upcoming show has been given yet, but it has been described by Senn as an, “old classical musical.”

All in all, the change in leadership is yet another milestone for the SHS Drama Club, and  it surely will be a great one.

Marching Band’s Numbers Rise

The Tiger Pride Marching Band is growing little by little with an astonishing number of 94 marchers under the direction of Mr. Depanicis. The band has recently acquired several new marchers this year allowing the band able to do bigger and better things.

When asked to describe the band in five or fewer words Depanicis said they are “small but mighty.” Depanicis said that kids wanting to try marching band should try it because it is fun once you get past all the hard work of band camp which is when the band learns the music and drills. New music is picked by Depanicis, Mrs. Johnston, the majorette advisor, and Mrs. Williams, the flagline advisor. Together they decide on a theme for the music.

Depanicis was asked what his goals are for the band, and he said he would like to see over 100 band members and take the band to Disney World to perform. Though Depanicis’s goal is to continue to increase the band numbers, it is losing about 15 seniors this year.  

When asked how the band can improve, he responded with, “I would like to see kids practice more outside of school because it will improve their playing.” He wants band members to work on sight reading more because it is challenging.

The band certainly is continuing to improve and do great things and all of its hard work can be seen during Friday night football games during the fall.

Read All About It! Students Find Fun in School’s Book Club

Every year a number of Springfield Local High School students choose to participate in the school’s Book Club, in which students come together and read books that they’ve chosen and talk about how they felt while reading it. The club is run by two of the school’s English teachers Mrs. Kelly Johnston and Mrs. Christina Mullane. They started the book club four years ago. When asked why the book club began, Johnston stated, “To bring the passion of reading back to kids.”  

Book Club gives students the opportunity to enhance their reading and comprehension skills outside of class as well as further their education in a fun way. It gives students who are avid readers a chance to come together and enjoy pieces of literature that they have chosen as a group. Senior Katelynn Sluka, a past member of the Book Club, says, “I really enjoy being a part of Book Club because I like reading so much. I like that Johnston and Mullane make it fun and have small parties for it too.”

Meetings vary from year to year, though the club meets regularly to discuss what the members have read and their thoughts on the books. At the meetings members have snacks and beverages to enjoy while talking about their thoughts on the pieces being read. This way the students can enjoy what they’re reading and what they’re eating while socializing in a fun way. Book Club meetings are a fun and creative way to help students learn and come together as classmates.  In the past, Book Club discussed novels such as I’ll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson, The Other by Thomas Tryon, and Love is the Higher Law by David Levithan,  as well as many others novels.

The club also takes trips to see movies related to the books they’ve read and participate in Read Across America Week. Read Across America Week is a literacy awareness program that our SHS Elementary School participates in, and its purpose is to try to ignite a fire for reading for children at a young age, and find the fun in reading books. Also, it helps show kids that even as they grow older, reading can still be enjoyable. This is a goal of the book club as well.

Celebrating Last Season, Looking Ahead to Next Season: Springfield Tigers Softball

The Springfield Tigers softball team of 2017 had an overall successful year. Led by head coach Bill Amero, the Tigers came out of last softball season with a large number of wins. Along with that, the softball team defeated their rivals, the South Range Raiders, in a tight game. The Tigers were able to defeat the Raiders with a score of 3-2. This took place at the softball field at Springfield Local High School in the spring of 2017. This year, the Tigers hope to continue to win and impress the opposing teams.

The softball team’s success wasn’t just luck. A lot of credit should be given to the girls on the team for their practice and hard work. Many of them worked in the winter before the softball season or in the summer as part of a travel softball team. This hard work combined with the natural talent of the team was the reason they were able to win games against tough opponents. Junior, Jacqueline Kish, stated, “We had a good season. I’m proud to be part of such a great team and a great group of girls.” Although they had a good season, the team didn’t go far in tournaments and lost to Columbiana in the first round. Overall, the Tigers softball team accomplished many things, and learned from their mistakes when they hit some rough patches.

The Tigers softball team is hoping to continue being successful and looks forward to the upcoming season. Another good year of softball is greatly anticipated. The team will be losing six seniors from last year, which is a big change. Thankfully, many key players from last year will be returning to the team. Their experience on the field will be helpful when trying to make up for the loss of the departed seniors. Junior, Makenzy Capouellez, stated, “We have a good group of girls this upcoming season and a lot of people will have to step up to fill the roles of the past seniors.” Trying to follow a good season the next year is a challenge because people expect the team to be put together and be ready to play all the time. The pressure is going to be on the Springfield softball team in the upcoming season to live up to the expectations of themselves and others.

SLHS Girls Volleyball: Just the Beginning

The 2017 Springfield High School Volleyball Team has some very exciting goals this year such as winning the league title, which would add another number to the championship banner. This group of girls has been playing together since the 7th and 8th grade and their bond has only gotten tighter adding to the team’s incredible chemistry.  With this possibly being coach Knight’s last year, the girls are determined to make him proud. He has been here coaching the ladies for thirty years.

The new athletic league changed this year from the ITCL to the MVAC (Mahoning Valley Athletic Conference) helping the team feel even more confident about reaching their goal since it’s a fresh set of teams to play. Makenzy Capouellez, a junior, feels that “This is the closest team I’ve ever been on, and I believe we have a shot at even districts not just our league.” So far, they have a winning record with only three losses halfway through the season.  Capouellez is a back row specialist on the team.

Kaelen Yemma, also a junior, states, “Volleyball is such a mental game, as soon as you make a mistake you have to forget about it and focus on the next point. That’s the most challenging part.” Yemma is the team’s setter and explains how the team always picks each other up. The team not only has goals of winning the league, but also going far in the tournament rounds and possibly winning districts.

Another junior on the team, Ellie Centofanti says, “Yes this is a challenge but we’re ready to take on anything as a team we just want to be successful.” Centofanti is a backrow and weak side hitter. The team plays next on September 18th at home. The match will start at approximately 6:30 p.m. vs. Poland and they are predicting to bring in another win.


It’s Okay to be Unsure: Choosing a College and Major by Tricia Bair

Not everyone knows what they are destined to do at 17 or 18 years old. This decision is challenging and it’s not as easy as it may seem. The average college student changes their major 5 times. Some might say that it is bad and that nobody should ever change their major that many times. Actually it is okay! You are the only person who knows you best and what will make you happy in the future. It is normal and acceptable to change your mind.
A lot of people say changing your major is a sign of someone who will not do well in college. When in fact it just means that they are trying to find what they want to do. That does not mean they will fail college. It is better to change if you’re not happy with what you’re doing. This is why it is wise to choose a college that has a variety of majors to offer. That way if you do decide to change you won’t have to change colleges.
There are also other options other than attending college after high school. There are technical colleges and trade schools. These are not the traditional colleges and these types of schools will get you just as far as a traditional college. It is also acceptable to not know where you want to go. This decision could be the hardest yet because it’s almost permanent. There are many factors that come into play when choosing a college such as whether or not you want to move or stay at home, or if you could afford to live on campus with roommates or on your own.
None of these choices are technically wrong, but you must think of what is best for your personality and what you can afford to do. So choose what you want to do and live out your dreams. If you change your mind, don’t get discouraged. You have many years ahead of you left to figure everything out.

The Annual Scholarship Dinner by: Tricia Bair

Every year multiple organizations and clubs offer the Springfield high school senior graduates scholarships that can range from $100- $3,000. These students are encouraged to apply for these scholarships and to do so some require an essay and can include lengthy applications. Almost every scholarship has requirements that each student has to qualify for before applying. These are requirements that are set by the people that are offering the scholarship. It is worth it to put the time and effort to apply because you could never know if you will win.
Every student that has a GPA of 3.0 was invited to attend the annual scholarship dinner on Monday, May 15, 2017 at St. Paul’s Church in New Middletown.This year there was a great turnout of students and there were many scholarships awarded. The total amount of scholarships received was $42,500. This is a wonderful testament to the hard work of our students and generosity of those that offer scholarships to them.
With so much money being offered as local scholarships, the amount is even greater because of the college scholarships that are given to students as well. Scholarships are a great way to get some college paid for and to diminish future school loans. We thank them clubs and organizations that participate in giving our seniors the recognition for their hard work.

I Don’t Know How to Study! Studying for Finals by: Tricia Bair

Finals are coming up and there always seem to be the problem of studying. We have all studied before and probably passed a few tests and possibly even failed. We sometimes wonder how did I fail even though I studied so hard? The problem is that you do not know how to really study. There’s really no right or wrong way because every person studies differently.
Some of you might have more than one final. There could be 3 or even 4 exams one student has to take in one day. It can be difficult to study for all of them at once. The first thing you should do is to set out a studying schedule. Make sure to leave rest time in between to give yourself a break so you don’t drain yourself of energy. Start studying for the exams a couple of days before to give yourself enough time to prepare and ask questions if needed. Some exams might need more attention than others depending on if you understand the material or not. Procrastination is one of the worst things you can do.
Another huge part of studying is being organized. It is difficult to study when the area around is you messy or if your notes and homework is messy. Sometimes rewriting your notes to organize them can also help. This may even highlight material you might have forgotten over time.
Also keep in mind, breaks are necessary when studying for long periods at a time. You have to eat because if your stomach is growling at you, you won’t be very focused. When eating during studying you might not have time to make a full course meal. If you want to just eat something quickly, just make sure it’s a nutritious snack. Junk food will not fill your stomach and it will only cause you to have a sugar rush and feel awful. Some examples of “brain food” are fish, nuts, seeds, and yogurts. These foods help with memory and increase concentration.
Another helpful hint is to make note cards or your own study guide to help you study. Note cards help with repetition and the study guides can be used for lengthy questions that require longer written answers. These tools will get you plenty of practice to prepare you for your actual tests.
Each person has their own methods of studying. Remember to figure out what is best for you and do not allow yourself to become stressed. Good Luck on your exams!