Anthony “Dad Vincenzo” Verterano
My name is Anthony "Dad Vincenzo" Verterano. This is my first year doing Sentinel. I'm in my Senior year of high school.

I have attended Springfield Schools all of my life. I haven't done any extracurricular activities since I played football my 7th & 8th grade year. I greatly enjoyed playing football my 7th and 8th Grade years, and I wanted to continue playing into my high school years but the amount of time required to put into it was overwhelming.

Outside of my time at Springfield I do a lot of different things. Most of my time is spent at Panera Bread in the Glacier Hill’s Turnpike Rest Stop. I have worked there for one and a half years now. I recently got promoted to manager. I also spend a lot of my free time sport shooting, hunting, fishing and riding.

I really enjoy having the freedom and creativity in Sentinel. I feel it’s one of the highlights of the class and by far the best thing about it.

Overall,  I want to be known for being a not so serious writer. I enjoying doing goofy things, so my articles will be correct and informative but they will also be something you can chuckle at.

Anthony Verterano, Sentinel Writer

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