Brianna Phillips
My name is Brianna Phillips. I am in tenth grade and this is my first year writing for The Sentinel. My responsibility in Sentinel is to create stories and to inform the student body. Sentinel is a compilation of information that is both entertaining and factually true. I decided to take this class because I fell in love with writing and journalism when I decided to do a journalism workshop my 8th and 9th grade year at English Festival

While I attend school at Springfield I am involved in the band. I took interest in the band because my brother was always saying how amazing band was and I wanted to have the same experience he did. I have been in concert band for five years now and I play the flute. I have been in marching band for four years now and I play the piccolo.

Outside of school I spend most of my time at dance. I dance at Kathi’s in Poland and this is going to be my tenth year dancing there. I do all types of dance such as pointe, tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop. At dance I also help assist when teaching classes every Monday. I am part of the dance line there and this is my second time being a dancer in the Easy Street Productions. When I am not in dance I spend most of my time reading books and go to a lot of rock concerts.

This class has helped me to form some good friendships with the people in this class. The class has helped me so far to become a better writer, and it has furthered my interest in journalism. I really enjoy being able to have a class that allows me to write what I want and not have to write argumentative essays all the time. Sentinel allows me to do interviews and write articles and reviews that I don't have the opportunity to do in a normal English class.

One thing people should know about me is that I have participated in the YSU English Festival for three years. My freshman year at English Festival I won first place in the journalism contest. I thought I wrote the worst news article, but turns out I got first place and it was such a great feeling. If there was one quote that could describe me it would probably be “Never let success get to your head, and never let failure get to your heart” by Zaid K. Abdelnour.

Brianna Phillips, Sentinel Writer

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