Hailey Wiscott
Hi, I’m Hailey Wiscott. I’m a freshman and I’m in the Broadcast Class. I write the entertainment section of the script and I run the DataVideo.

I’ve been going to Springfield since 4th grade. Before I moved, I lived in Struthers for 9 years. I plan to take art class and join the art club as a sophomore, but as of now I’m focusing on my studies.

Outside of school, I like to draw and play guitar. I’ve been playing guitar for about a year and I play punk and metal songs. I’ve been drawing for about 3 years and I mostly draw people and tattoo designs. I live with my parents, three younger sisters, and my dog, Louie, who is a Black Lab-German Shepard mix.

What I like most about being in the Broadcast Class is getting to meet and work with all the different people and getting to use all the different technology. It’s really cool to have the opportunity to come together with everyone in my class to make something amazing.

What you should really know about me is that I’m very shy, but I’m also very passionate about what I love. I love music (mainly punk) and I love art. I take these things very seriously, whether it be just drawing something for fun or keeping track of my favorite bands that are on tour.

Hailey Wiscott, Tiger TV Staff

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