Lukas Yemma
I am Lukas Yemma And  I am a freshman. This is my first year being a part of the broadcast.  

I play football, basketball, and I do track here at Springfield.  In the offseason I play for an AAU team called Team Cure, and we get players from a lot of other schools.  

Outside of school I do a lot of different activities outdoors such as sports but when weather is bad I find something nice to do inside. I really enjoy my life outside of school.I like While in school one of my favorite things to do is participate in the broadcast class.

What I enjoy the most about the broadcast is finding a new inspiring quote everyday for the script and filling in at anchor if they need me.  I really like to speak on camera because I feel like everyone can hear what I’m saying from around our school and it’s funny to watch afterwards.  I truly enjoy being a part of the broadcast because I get to relate to people a little bit more in this class than any other class and I enjoy it a lot. Also, some of my really good friends are also in this class and I get to hang with them more during the period.  

Something that you should definitely know about me is that I am a big fan of electronics.  That is another reason why I love this class because we always use stuff in here like cameras, phones, computers, etc.  I wouldn’t want to end my day with any other class besides this one.

Lukas Yemma, Tiger TV Staff

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