Mac Suverison
My name is Mac Suverison, and I’m in 9th grade, and this is my first year doing broadcast. My job I'm this class is sports announcer.

In school I am planning on being a part of Drama Club so I can gain more experience with acting.

Outside of school I take dance, singing, and acting classes, which I have been taking for over 2 months. What inspired me to take these classes is I want to be an actress when I graduate.

In my family, I am the youngest and have four brothers. I live with my father and one brother. Most people know I’m more of a tomboy than a girlie girl, and this is the reason why.

What I enjoy most about the broadcast class is the people! There are a lot of different people which makes this class interesting. We have quiet people who don’t say a lot, but they do a good job with their work, and we have those outgoing people who make the class loud, fun, and crazy with all their ideas.

What you should know about me is I am a very quiet person, who doesn’t do much, but listens a lot, so most people come to me with their problems because they know I’ll listen no matter what.

Mac Suverison, Tiger TV Staff

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