Madison West
My name is Madison West. I am in ninth grade and this is my first year being involved in making the yearbook.  In yearbook, I am responsible for creating pages for the yearbook.  Yearbook helps me to express my more creative side and my writing skills.

Currently, I’m a Springfield High School cheerleader. I took an interest in  cheerleading in seventh grade when I wanted to become a Lil Tigers Cheerleader and didn’t make the team.  My friends always told me how fun and exciting cheer was, so I tried out and made the team with the second highest score in eighth grade.  Cheerleading is a very flexible sport and teaches your body physical endurance. I’ve been a cheerleader for three years.  

Something interesting about me is I want to be a veterinarian when I’m older.  I love animals and I love helping people and caring for them.  I also take an interest in hunting deer and other small animals.  I was raised more has a tomboy and I have a very wild imagination.  I love being outside and I know all the trails in the woods like the back of my hand.  I also work with my grandpa at his friend’s construction place.  I also love playing soccer in my free time. My family and I all get together and play a game of soccer on weekends.  I also help out the Springfield Lil Tiger Cheerleaders and Football Team.  

A few things I enjoy most about yearbook is that you get to write articles.  I love writing, especially writing creatively and persuasively.  When I write it helps reduce my stress and it helps me have an open mind and wild imagination.  Another thing I like about yearbook is that you get to be part in making the yearbook.  Helping to create something that will go into Springfield High School’s history makes me feel very important and makes me feel very honored to be able to be part of such a thing.  

When I was in 7th grade, my cheerleading squad and I competed at Pink Ribbon, which is a competition for breast cancer awareness at YSU.  My squad and I won most spirited in the community.  I won the award for most spirited and won the jump off.  Cheerleading is my favorite sport so this is the best accomplishment I’ve ever achieved.  The quote that resembles me is “I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.” ~ The Fault in Our Stars.   

Madison West, Yearbook Staff Member

Oct 23, 2017
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