Morgan Colwell
My name is Morgan Colwell and I have just recently joined yearbook. It is my first year being a part of the staff. I am a senior this year and I have joined the yearbook class because it's been something I wanted to do before I graduate. I have attended many games during my time at Springfield. Although I have never taken part in sports in high school, I do enjoy going with friends and watching. I have also taken part in many different things like parades.

In my free time, when I am not at school, I like to do a variety of things. I like to play my guitar that I have recently been teaching myself. I like to go various places like the mall and hang out with my friends and shop. I work at my uncle's restaurant, the Golden Rye Grille, on the weekends as a hostess, cashier and bus girl. I have worked there for around two years and began to excel at my job there by learning the techniques. When I am not at work I like to hang out with my sister and niece when they come home or even just have movie nights with my family.

I enjoy taking pictures for yearbook because photography has always been something I loved. Since I was young I’ve loved looking at art and pictures, whether they are old or from today, I find that each one has a story and that is very interesting to me. I also enjoy writing because I always have a lot to say. I have been told I am very good at it which I do not believe is true, but I do find it fun to make stories or write my opinions on topics.

I really love a wide variety of music anywhere from One Direction, MGK, and Ed Sheeran to Michael Jackson and Journey. I have seen many people in concert and plan to continue going to concerts as long as I can. I won front row tickets for One Direction and went as far as Chicago to see them my first time. I like to live by the quote, “Live life like there is no tomorrow”- Anonymous.

Morgan Colwell, Yearbook Staff Member

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