Zachary Swantek
My name is Zachary Swantek and I am a member of the yearbook staff. This is my very first year on the staff, so therefore I have been on the staff for only a year. I am currently a senior at Springfield Local High School and am a part of both the Sentinel Springfield Newspaper and their yearbook.

I am currently active in my fifth year of math here at Springfield, and I am regularly known to be involved in the drama club and the productions they put on at the school. I have participated in multiple years at the YSU English festival due to my love for reading and my enjoyment of not having to go to school.

Some things I do outside of school is be present at Boardman Center Middle school, where I work as a Janitor. I tend too to be able to solve about ninety percent of the math equations I see and hear around the school while working, so I guess you could say I am pretty much the dude off of “Good Will Hunting.”

The number one thing that I enjoy most about being a part of the yearbook staff is all the opportunities it provides me to not have to sit in a chair all day. Also, I have had the chance to assist teachers and the people who who are hired to take our pictures at the school.

In conclusion, I am just a high schooler on the yearbook staff searching for some more credits to earn before I graduate. Look for my work on The Sentinel if you want, if not don't ,either way have a nice day.

Zach Swantek, Yearbook Staff Member

Sep 29, 2017
Theater with a New Lead-er (Story)
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